Femat's new head office in Dardilly (69), labeled passive Bepos

Femat, the specialist in the distribution of materials and eco-construction solutions, established since...

The Christian Fournet studio for the new landscaped areas of La Maison Saint-Charles

In the heart of the XNUMXth arrondissement of Paris, the Maison Saint-Charles is made up of two...

A family house in Rašovka on Ještěd Hill

Rašovka's family home is located south of Ještěd hill in the Czech Republic,...


Ragnar Kjartansson presents Time Changes Everything

Since September 17, the De Pont Museum in Tilburg, the Netherlands has been presenting Time Changes...

Anna Peter-Breton for a love trip to Japan

This Saturday, September 17 at the Sarto Gallery let yourself be carried away by a “Lovely journey to Japan.” 

28 works by the artist Guillaume Bottazzi registered for the European Heritage Days 2022

This year, the famous artist Guillaume Bottazzi invites us on an artistic journey...


DHB Design signs the BWT showroom

Located in Hall 2 of the Second Floor Atrium of Fusen Shopping Mall, Chengdu, China.

Villa Igiea by Apir

The project imagined by the study and design office Apir for the Hotel Villa Igiea in Palermo is...

RBC presents the exhibition: "L'anima: du trait à l'objet"

Faithful to its cultural approach, RBC joins the Paris Design Week course by presenting...


A development project named E07 Apartment

The project was to renovate an early XNUMXth century house in the Bubeneč district of...

Villa Aann Haus, by Aann Space in Punjab, India

Aann Haus is a 604 m² property, designed as a place to live and relax and overlooking...

Jérôme Bugara, the dazzling legacy

Trained by the prestigious École Boulle, Jérôme Bugara collaborated through his master's...

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The "Dune" furniture, Rainer Mutsch says:

"For me Dune Was a very Demanding project, Because it depended on So Many parameters:. Ergonomics, durability, capability of mass production release properties, statics, modularity, and eco friendliness, to mention only a FEW Many prototypes and a lot of research were Necessary in order to get the maximum stability out of 3ddeformed fiber cement; Eventually, the geometry of the flesh supports ict stability through ict controlled expansion and compression of the material qui results in a load-capacity of around 900kg on the seating surface.

Dune visualizes the present maximum material-technical parameters of the FiberCement material.The result is a highly stable structure with a load-carrying capacity over the way Demanded requirement profile for public spaces. The rainwater flows through a hole in the seating area to the inside of the loop Directly Where It is led out of the furniture through the curved bottom surface of the furniture to dry as fast as possible.

With Dune I wanted to tell a story about the materials capabilities, the history of the company and the hand FORMED generation method.

The shape of all 5 Elements Dune now allows the user to move freely on the objects and to choose an individual seating position selon his or her individual taste. This flexibility guarantees must at the one hand maximum comfort for the individual and there Reviews the other hand Facilitates communication When the Elements are Arranged in a group. Since Dune has-been designed as highly modular and expandable system Indefinitely, it fits all situations space.

The possibility of the integration of plants offers an additional possibility to create shadow and further Top to customize the space. "

To learn more, visit Rainer Mutsch of et the Eternit.

Source: Contemporist

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