Baag-e-Fursat: a green cocoon of well-being in Punjab, India

Amidst the rich landscape of Punjab, an extravagant farmhouse rises from the still ground and offers...

Libeň Docks by QARTA Architektura

These five apartment buildings are built on a former industrial wasteland of the marina. Here,...

The new nursery in Fleury-sur-Orne by Paul Le Quernec Architectes

Since 1985, the departmental nursery of Calvados has welcomed children from 0 to 6 years...


Reflection / Colorshot by Sara Badr Schmidt

“Reflection / Colorshot” on display at the Aux Verdures space by Patricia Racine, located in...

Baya exhibition. Women in their Garden

The Institute of the Arab World is showing for the first time in the history of exhibitions devoted...

Aurélie Julien Collectible: defending collectible design and contemporary art

It represents from the outset, the fruit of a long friendship and mutual esteem, the designer Martin...


In Beijing, an ambitious renovation project by CUN DESIGN

This new development project was designed by CUN DESIGN for the Beijing Xingguang company...

Design Engagé: the ambitious upcycling project launched by the SG Design agency

Since January 1, 2022, regulations require all professionals to organize the...

DHB Design signs the BWT showroom

Located in Hall 2 of the Second Floor Atrium of Fusen Shopping Mall, Chengdu, China.


The Mathieu Lustrerie workshops at the Hôtel de la Marine

Mathieu Lustrerie sets up his new lighting restoration workshops at the Hôtel de la...

RBC Lyon inaugurates the exhibition: "Fragility & materiality" at the Cube Orange in Confluence

Faithful to its artistic approach, RBC Lyon is associated with the “En Résonance” course of the Biennale...

DesignHeure chooses DZ architecture for its very first Parisian showroom

On the occasion of Paris Design Week, DESIGNHEURE inaugurated its Parisian showroom, a new...

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