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22.01.19 Diego Cabezas: Metal Sculptures

Decidedly, Barcelona (Spain) is a veritable pool of more imaginative artists than the others! After Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, it's time for Diego Cabezas to amaze us with his sleek metal works. Inspired by his predecessors, the sculptor creates faces with Cubist accents and gives life to the line and the line.

21.01.19 Blacksheep: Quattropassi Al Pescatore

Designed in 1960 by Prince Aga Khan, the Cervo Hotel is one of the emblematic places of Porto Cervo (Sardinia) and offers a unique show on the Costa Smeralda. Its restaurant, Il Pescatore, ushers in a new era for this luxurious package that will benefit from a five-step renovation by Blacksheep, London's design studio. The first gives back its nobility to the bistro, today renamed Quattropassi al Pescatore.

21.01.19 Pedro Venzon: Tríptico Infame

Who said that design could not be political? Certainly not Pedro Venzon, Brazilian designer, whose creations refer to the colonial past of Portugal in South America. Through his trio of stools "Tríptico Infame", the designer evokes, in turn, crafts, architectural traces left by European settlers, religion or sexuality. An entire program...

18.01.19 ZGF Architects: Expensify Offices

The Californian technology company Expensify extends north of the United States and replaces the sun of San Francisco with the rain of Portland, Oregon. A climate change is also accompanied by a new office located in the downtown building of First National Bank. An iconic work now equipped with contemporary tertiary elements, brilliantly integrated into the original Art Deco building.

18.01.19 Oskar Zięta: NAWA

A UFO seems to have landed in Wrocław (Poland) ... No risk, however, to see little green men come out, in fact a work of designer and architect Oskar Zięta imagined as part of the revitalization of the island located on the Daliowa River. An organic and brilliant achievement that acts as an allegory of the region, a bridge between past and future.

17.01.19 Studio Seilern Architects: Performance Arts Center

The fame of Wellington College (England) is not likely to falter! With its various teachings, the establishment of Berkshire is now complemented by an arts center established in the extension of the existing theater. A way for studious students who are passionate about the performing arts to practice their talents in a place reminiscent of ancient amphitheatres.

17.01.19 Ater Architects: Doctor U

Remember, small, long minutes in the sanitized waiting rooms of doctors to try to amuse you with broken toys or to decipher magazines that are out of time for you to examine. A memory shared by many of us that encourages Ater Architects' teams to design Doctor U, a colorful and warm pediatric clinic, that almost annihilates children's apprehension about consultations.

17.01.19 Spartley & Partners: Heather Cottage

Curling around a fire at a winter in Berkshire, England ... A cliché inspiring Spartley & Partners teams in the development of Heather Cottage, a contemporary revisit of the typical English cottage figure, where the warm weathered wood meets the clean forms of Californian villas.

16.01.19 LAFUMA Furniture x BIG-GAME: HORIZON collection

In 2017 the brand solicited the Swiss designer group BIG-GAME to create its new collection dedicated to the terraces of cafes, hotels and restaurants. LAFUMA Furniture has chosen to collaborate with this studio to design the collection HORIZON essential lines, high quality and with a strong graphic signature.

16.01.19 Dickson: Orchestra Max

With its colorless coating on one side, the Orchestra Max blind fabric has excellent water resistance. Ideal for fixed and permanent installations located outside (blinds, pergola, ...), the Orchestra MAX fabric guarantees a very good color fastness over time, an excellent protection against the UV rays and the bad weather, as well as 'easy maintenance.

15.01.19 Cadena Studio: Masa

Masa, the new concept imagined by the New York studio Cadena, energizes a residential neighborhood in northern Bogota (Colombia). With its sober and graphic envelope, the set hosts a reception area, a bakery and a restaurant, offering the inhabitants of the region a friendly meeting place.

15.01.19 HENSE: Ragusa Sun

Whether on sports fields or in urban courtyards, frescoes on the ground are more and more frequent. Proof in itself, the students of a high school in Sicily now take their breaks in a colorful outdoor space signed HENSE, a street-artist American.

14.01.19 Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel: IK LAB

In Tulum, in the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan known for its fine sand beaches and Maya remains, as well as for its contemporary cultural centers, the architect and entrepreneur Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel imagines Azulik, a luxury hotel complex that it embellishes with the IK Lab, an avant-garde art gallery inspired by the surrounding jungle. Or when the walls become works of art themselves ...

14.01.19 CUPACLAD: Slate for facade & design

Developed with the help of Danish architects and installers, the new CUPACLAD® slate cladding systems by CUPA PIZARRAS revolutionized the laying of natural slate on the façade. The new fixing systems and the efficiency of the ventilated facade make CUPACLAD® a durable and competitive alternative for any type of facade.

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