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29.03.19 Iratzoki & Lizaso: Klik by Sokoa

The iconic Basque House of Tertiary Development widened its borders for an exhibition at the Gabriel showroom (1er arrondissement). The opportunity for us to know more about this brand created in 1971 and to excite us on our darling: the Klik chair, designed by the duo Iratzoki & Lizaso and available in a palette of soft and trendy colors.

28.03.19 Caprini & Pellerin architects: Villa Casa Vara

To honor the Mediterranean culture in a contemporary design? Pari accepted for the French agency Caprini & Pellerin - duo Cannes composed of Kevin Caprini and Jerry Pellerin - who signs a solar villa on the French Riviera, inspired by both vernacular architecture and California works. Result? A building as luxurious as rustic in which we would spend a few holidays.

28.03.19 Event: Materials & Light

For the 5th consecutive year, the A magazine invites you to the Materials & Light exhibition, an unmissable event dedicated to innovative solutions for architecture. Organized at the Carreau du Temple 24 and 25 April in partnership with Muuuz, the event brings together about sixty exhibitors and offers a series of conferences in a unique scenography designed by Violette Cros.

27.03.19 Dorothée Meilichzon: The Grands Boulevards

After the success of the Grand Pigalle (9e arrondissement), the Experimental Group again relies on the talent of the French designer Dorothée Meilichzon for the design of Grands Boulevards (2e arrondissement), a hotel with a typically Parisian identity, located between luxury and spontaneity. Back on a timeless establishment.

27.03.19 Alain Sarfati: 54 housing rue Schœlcher

Monday 18 March, rue Schoelcher, Paris (14ème). Alain Sarfati inaugurates the 54 singular housing of what was formerly an office building. The building, which has undergone many renovations according to its occupations, sees its urban integration reinvented thanks to the ingenious appropriation of its details and its particularities.

26.03.19 Fold Public Workshop: Call for applications

Since 2015, the magazine Pli takes a critical look at the world of architecture, supporting young contemporary creation, research and graphic arts, highlighted over the numbers. A positioning that asserts itself a little more this year at the launch of the Pli Public Workshop, a competition for the new generation of architects and designers, whose editorial Muuuz has the honor of being a partner . At your pencils, you have until 10 May to apply!

26.03.19 Event: Design and Wonderful, from Nature to Ornament

Although the exhibition proposed by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint Etienne (42) is visible since the 1er December 2018, the event is today to be appreciated through the prism of the Biennale of design that shakes the metropolis since 21 last March. The occasion for us to return on the last days of an exhibition tracing the history of the ornament in the discipline.

25.03.19 Nickname: Apartment L

Created in July 2017, the young Parisian agency Pseudonyme proves that the value does not wait for the number of years. After having revaluated the facade of the famous Circus Hotel in Berlin (Germany), the duo of architects affirms its taste for metallic textures and signs a unique place in the heart of the capital's 6e district, between private space, collector's apartment and gallery art. Focus on a studio that we have not stopped hearing about ...

25.03.19 Snøhetta: Under

Located in the abyss of the North Sea, Under is the first restaurant in Europe to plunge visitors into the heart of the ocean for a tasting out of time. All sober, the realization of Snøhetta studio offers a privileged panorama to lovers of underwater life.

22.03.19 Made in Design: 20 years of creation

On the occasion of its 20 anniversary, Made in Design, reference site of contemporary design, unveils an exclusive collection in the colors of the brand. The time of an exclusive visit, the Muuuz teams discover, in their showroom of the 2eme district of the capital, their emblematic creations which result from twenty years of a fruitful collaboration with its designers.

22.03.19 ESADSE: Stefania

Since yesterday, until the 24 next April, the daily life of the Stéphanois is punctuated by the Saint Etienne International Design Biennale (42). Offering a multitude of imagined exhibitions on the theme of common ground, the event is a gold mine of experienced designers and promising talents. Among them, the students of ESADSE have distinguished themselves by developing the city of tomorrow. Focus on a unique vision of the city.

19.03.19 Event: "Immersion to osmosis, Chaosmose #2"

Following a season developed around the 2016 cosmomorphy by the Espace Cerveau laboratory - initiated by Ann Veronica Janssens and Nathalie Ergino -, the Château de Rentilly (77) is now hosting the exhibition "From immersion to osmosis, Chaosmose #2 ". An event that proposes a meeting between Earth and cosmos, in a meticulously studied spatial context.

18.03.19 Adjara Group: Stamba Hotel

The old printing press of Tiblissi (Georgia), a patrimonial testimony of Soviet architecture, is defined by an overt gross character. An aspect that has largely inspired the architects of Adjara Group who rehabilitate the manufacture in a luxury hotel, thanks to the addition of elements borrowed from the glamorous universe of the 1930 years.

15.03.19 Angel Borrego Cubero: The Competition

The documentary made in 2008 by the Madrid architect Angel Borrego Cubero, in parallel with the competition of the National Museum of Andorra, is yet to be found, and yet it has something to tantalize the curiosity of architecture enthusiasts. On the bill: Jean Nouvel, Franck Gehry, Dominique Perrault, Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster. In the program ? Sketches, models, carts and sleepless nights. So, how to refuse when the teams of the Parisian agency AZC invited Muuuz's editorial staff to a private screening of this report with a clear sense of humor about the very secret system of architectural competitions. Welcome to the competition!

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