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27.08.18 Nendo: Cuckoo

Nothing stops the designer Oki Sato, aka studio nendo, whose sleek designs are sweeping the globe - the Canadian-Japanese designer has just been selected alongside the French agency AREP to create interior of the new TGV. For the Japanese brand Lemnos, specialized in the production of clocks, it dusted the traditional cuckoo.

24.08.18 Elii: Yojigen Poketto

In Madrid (Spain), the agency elii delivers the renovation of a studio of 34 square meters. A completely redecorated bachelorette, in plan and section, as the name suggests, Yojigen Poketto, literally "pocket in four dimensions" in Japanese. A qualifier all found ...

24.08.18 John Pawson: Jaffa Hotel

From spiritual to tourist, there is only one step. Proof of this is the extension and transformation of a former 12th century convent from the historic port of Jaffa (Israel) into a luxury hotel consisting of 120 rooms and 32 private residences. Far from blasphemy, a millimeter intervention that required no less than 10 years of work.

23.08.18 Constance Guisset: Mists

In her work for children Brouillards, the designer and illustrator Constance Guisset immortalizes the impalpable clouds eponymous. A vaporous epic, all in bluish watercolor and black dots, where the reader vogue with the winds which lead him between countryside, mountain and city.

23.08.18 Taller Héctor Barroso: Between Pinos

To the east of the Mexican capital, in the city of Valle de Bravo, the architect Héctor Barroso realizes a set of second homes. Five identical villas scattered among the pines and organized around a central patio which offers privacy and meditation to its occupants. An indoor / outdoor construction game and a skilful distribution of the masses that give the inhabitants the feeling of living in the forest.

22.08.18 Snarkitecture: Bounce

After returning childhood visitors to the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris (1er) last year with a giant ball pool, the New York design studio Snarkitecture recidivism. He even sees this time even bigger, with the creation of a playground in Hong Kong filled with several hundred huge plastic balls.

22.08.18 Nortstudio: Urban shapes

Our public spaces sometimes have bad press: chaotic urbanism, urban furniture of poor quality, lack of comfort, exacerbated security logic, etc. They can, however, turn into a source of inspiration. This was the case for the Belgian design studio Nortstudio with its Urban shapes bench, resulting from the joyful combination of primary shapes that surround us.

21.08.18 Ddl architects: Architecture and restaurant agency

In Lorient (56), the local agency ddl architects delivered last year a three-storey office building housing a restaurant and the premises of those who are here at the same time master of work and work. Mixed uses that echo this multi-faceted district, mixing both industrial and small residential buildings with business premises on the ground floor.

21.08.18 Masquespacio: Bar Torö

Oye sapapaya, would you like an ice cream with my friend and me? On the seafront of the tourist town of San Antonio (Spain), the Spanish design studio Masquespacio, struck again! With its shades of violet blue, turquoise green and mustard yellow, the agency ignites the 220 square meters with terrace of the Torö bar mixing sports facilities and tapas bar.

27.07.18 Muuuz: Happy holidays to all

The editorial office of Muuuz takes a few holidays and will be happy to meet you at the 20 August, for a news full of surprises. Happy Holidays to all !

27.07.18 MADE.COM : TalentLAB

TalentLab, 2 season! Nothing stops the online furniture publisher MADE, created just eight years ago in England by two French and one Chinese, all three on the banks of HEC Paris. Always in search of innovation, the firm now offers a crowdfunding platform to promote and publish the designers of tomorrow.

27.07.18 Steelcase: LINC

Since November 2017, the European headquarters of the tertiary furniture manufacturer Steelcase is taking place in new offices in Munich (Germany). "Offices", did you say "offices"? No, a hub called LINC - for Learning + Innovation Center - focused on creativity, flexibility and well-being. A nice program set up in a beautiful setting.

26.07.18 Young Talent: 2018 Home Side Steps

A year ago, we presented the results of the first Steps to the Side of Home You who had distinguished four young shoots of French design. After this promising edition, this "label of creativity" created by the do-it-yourself brand Leroy Merlin dedicated to the world of the house gives the cover, distinguishing this time three winners.

26.07.18 Morfeus Arkitekter: Rest area

In front of a breathtaking panorama, the Morfeus Arkitekter agency installs a resting area in concrete and mirrored reflecting a wild coast as beautiful as gaunt, typical of northern Norway. Much more than an architecture, a scenography, an ode to the landscape.

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