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08.01.19 Bruno Gaudin Architects: Louis Aragon Media Library

A media library in an old castle ... Here is a beautiful place given to culture! Delivered this year by the agency Bruno Gaudin Architects, the media library Louis Aragon occupies the site of the castel de la Motte, in Stains (93). A renovation / extension operation conducted to offer bibliophiles, film buffs and other ludophiles a showcase of their favorite works ...

08.01.19 Guillaume Ramillien Architecture: Eco-city La Garenne

Installed in a neglected area of ​​Fourchambault (58), the Eco-city La Garenne renounces the bars of social housing in favor of a pavilion architecture. A way for Guillaume Ramilien's teams to make this forgotten area of ​​the city more attractive and reconnect it with the rest of the town.

08.01.19 Charles-Henri Tachon architecture & landscape and territories, landscape: House of the Reserve

In Congis-sur-Thérouanne (77), the agencies Charles-Henri Tachon architecture & landscape and territories, landscaper delivered in March this year one of their most beautiful projects: the Reserve House of the Regional Domain Grand Voyeux. A pavilion designed to facilitate the observation of endemic birds and offer visitors an experience they are not about to forget ...

08.01.19 Amelia Tavella Architects: School A Strega

Strega originally means "witch" in Corsican, and by extension means someone unpleasant or strange. The school of the same name, located in the village of Santa Maria Siché in the southwest of the island of beauty, is however the opposite. If its discrete contemporary lines did not betray it, one could believe that it was always part of the landscape, so much it is integrated there.

08.01.19 AIA Life Designers: Scribe

Realize its premises: a challenge for an architecture agency. So what ? Build new? Rehabilitate, at the risk that the leg of the former takes over the project? Or the opposite, to succeed a delicate renovation where the stamp of existing does not prevent new occupants to put their touch? It is this tour de force that the agency AIA Life Designers realized in its local Nantes delivered in 2017.

08.01.19 Edouard François House: Panache

Upside down! In Grenoble, Maison Édouard François has just delivered a new housing tower that plays with the clouds. His particuliarity ? Less height than the "greencloud", a coronation of terraces with beautiful outdoor spaces to the inhabitants and whose distribution is not random: the lowest housing has the highest terrace, and vice versa.

08.01.19 Jean-Paul Viguier and Associates: Fiduciary site of the Banque de France

Located in La Courneuve, in a former industrial wasteland, the fiduciary site of the Banque de France designed by the Jean-Paul Viguier and Associates agency was inaugurated at the beginning of last year. An achievement combining new construction and rehabilitation, characterized by an effort to combine security and openness to the neighborhood. Explanations.

08.01.19 ECDM Architects: Binet Mixed Set

Make the arrival of tourists to the hotel an extension of the view by plane during the overflight of the city Light ... It is from this beautiful idea that the architects Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec imagined the whole mixed Binet, delivered this year in the 18e district of Paris, which hosts two hotels, a business and offices.

08.01.19 BAMAA: Fire Station of Sainte-Colombe

The small village of Sainte-Colombe (69) is home to the "little Pompeii", a large archeological site hiding Gallo-Roman remains as well as the medieval tower of Valois. A historic melting pot whose contemporary constructions can only feed. The Barracks imagined by BAMAA is no exception and retraces, on its own, the history of the commune auvergnate.

08.01.19 Vincen Cornu Architecture: Joliot-Curie High School

"The interest of an intervention on an existing building resides inter alia in the fact that 50 years of use make it possible to clearly reveal the pathologies". This is the conclusion established by Vincen Cornu who guided the rehabilitation project of Joliot Curie High School in Nanterre (92). A school that until now has been poorly adapted to changing students, reveals its potential under the guidance of the architect.

08.01.19 Jean de Giacinto Composite Architecture and Studio Muoto: Gustave Eiffel School Group

Housed in a former industrial wasteland, the new Bac d'Asnieres sur Seine area (92) is equipped with a new school combining nursery and primary schools. In response to the typical urban landscape in which it fits, the construction wants to be a case of greenery in full Paris region.

08.01.19 SBBT Architecture: Nursery School Nicolas Vanier

Ask a child to draw a house for you, he will present a square with a triangle. A simplistic representation that nevertheless continues to inspire architects. And what better way to build a kindergarten than to build a set of huts with two-sided roofs and thus to integrate in toddlers the idea that the school can also be a home?

08.01.19 KAAN Architecten + Fres Architects: ISMO

The Institute of Molecular Sciences of Orsay (ISMO) lays its bags in its new headquarters, a state-of-the-art building designed by KAAN Architecten in collaboration with FRES Architects. When technology meets aesthetics ...

08.01.19 Daarchitects: Greenhouses and laboratories of INRA

Designed by DA Architects to house functional genomics research in trees, the Orleans Cellular Engineering Laboratory (45) is in dialogue with the green and wooded environment in which it is registered.

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