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15.01.19 HENSE: Ragusa Sun

Whether on sports fields or in urban courtyards, frescoes on the ground are more and more frequent. Proof in itself, the students of a high school in Sicily now take their breaks in a colorful outdoor space signed HENSE, a street-artist American.

14.01.19 Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel: IK LAB

In Tulum, in the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan known for its fine sand beaches and Maya remains, as well as for its contemporary cultural centers, the architect and entrepreneur Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel imagines Azulik, a luxury hotel complex that it embellishes with the IK Lab, an avant-garde art gallery inspired by the surrounding jungle. Or when the walls become works of art themselves ...

14.01.19 CUPACLAD: Slate for facade & design

Developed with the help of Danish architects and installers, the new CUPACLAD® slate cladding systems by CUPA PIZARRAS revolutionized the laying of natural slate on the façade. The new fixing systems and the efficiency of the ventilated facade make CUPACLAD® a durable and competitive alternative for any type of facade.

14.01.19 Nendo: Fungi & Plank

Nothing stops Oki Sato, founding designer of the Nendo studio, who delivers Fungi, a set of refined and delicate dishes and Plank, a tea service. Repeating the stylized form of a mushroom, this set of seven bowls of various sizes offers different arrangements, recalling the trend of proliferation of hymenomycetes.

11.01.19 MVRDV: The Imprint

Conceived by Dutch firm MVRDV, The Imprint is an entertainment complex divided into two buildings whose envelopes are located on the border between disconcerting simplicity and exacerbated fantasy. An amazing architectural paradox located in Seoul (Korea), close to Incheon Airport.

11.01.19 Early Child: "Expose Me"

It is well known, the art world is a ruthless world excluding a large number of young visual artists from renowned galleries and international fairs. A trend that the painter Early Child tries to reverse with his project "Expose Me", making the streets and iconic places of the capital its own white cube.

10.01.19 YPYC Architects: Vita Planet

What's more appropriate to hide a jewel that a sophisticated setting? Reinterpreting the classic little red velvet box, teams from Chinese studio YPYC Architects are building a commercial space for jewelers Vita Planet in Hangzhou (China).

10.01.19 Jesse Rieser: The Changing Landscape of American Retail

The Changing Landscape of American Retail is a photographic roadtrip initiated in 2015 by Jesse Rieser. A series that is in line with the chronicles of peri-urban American life of the one who describes himself as a "student of subtleties". Here, the artist tackles the subject of abandoned malls, abandoned in favor of a trade 2.0.

08.01.19 ADC Awards 2019: Category Teaching

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08.01.19 ADC Awards 2019: Category Equipment

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