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01.11.09 library staircase

Created by the London studio Levitate Architects, this staircase is a library. Its hollow risers turn into shelves and fill with books. Between access and furniture.

01.11.09 Cartesia by Nosigner

Signed Nosigner, "Cartesia" is a cabinet whose drawers open in 2 directions. Practical, minimalist and different.

31.10.09 Shop shelves by Guy Brown

Recycling old tables, the British designer Guy Brown created the original shelf for a shop in Nottingham.

31.10.09 Rediscover the anonymous architecture

Photographer and painter German, Sven Hamann raises his gaze on the common architecture and everyday. Almost abstract, facades details of photographs reveal the beauty. Sometimes unexpected beauty.

30.10.09 Great (Bamboo) Wall House

Near Beijing, the Kengo Kuma and Associates architecture firm has designed this house of bamboo. A subtle project which maintains a close relationship with the landscape.

30.10.09 The Tree Farm by

In the gardens of the National Museum of Singapore, the creative studio Farm drew a sculpture inspired by the shape and lines of the banyan tree, tall tree widespread in Asia.

30.10.09 Spiral House by Powerhouse Company

In Burgundy, the architectural firm Powerhouse Company grafted, an extension of 200 m² in a traditional house. A spiral extension that wraps around a central patio.

29.10.09 multicolored stairs

In Wuppertal, Germany, a staircase slips between the buildings: 112 colored steps painted by the artist Horst Gläsker. Piranesian and tangy.

29.10.09 Scaffold Vase

Presented at the Design Week 09 London, this vase is signed for metal tubes of Welsh design studio Freshwest.

29.10.09 Berlin Block Tetris

Student in animation at the University of East London, Sergej Hein makes an architectural and offbeat tribute to the famous Tetris video game. Check out his video "Berlin Block Tetris".

28.10.09 A wall is a million pieces of wood

This interior wall of the Vancouver Convention Center is made up of a million small pieces of wood assembled using a robotic arm. A surface in 3 dimensions, natural, spectacular and technical.

28.10.09 Source store in Beijing

Huge The agency recently completed Beijing land "flagship store" Source, street wear clothing store. Inside a tower of 9 meters high stands, spectacular monolith and functional.

28.10.09 Modernism for dogs

Offered by Best Friend's Home, "The Cubix" is a niche for dogs whose design is inspired by the Bauhaus and Modernist architecture.

27.10.09 Storyline Frederik Roijé

With the shelf "Storyline", the Dutch designer Frederik Roijé tells a story, translating sound waves into shape.

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