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29.04.10  Lightweight Porcelain Stool by Djim Berger

For the opening of the gallery BSL in Paris, the designer worked Djim Berger porcelain in a new way to make it more light and durable. To discover its "Lightweight Porcelain Stool", amazing porcelain stool with a cellular structure.

29.04.10  Kokoris Residence by Jensen Architects

In San Francisco, the agency Jensen Architects has transformed the existing house, incorporating a spacious lobby and transparent. Between window and vestibule.

29.04.10  Sax by Alain Monnens

Designed by Belgian designer Alain Monnens, Sax is a small aluminum ceiling lamp manufactured by Vertigo Bird. Simple and sculptural, available in 3 sizes and in many colors, it offers an alternative to traditional recessed spotlights.

28.04.10  Santa Elena House by Antonio Sofan

In San Elena in Colombia, the architect Antonio Sofan designed this house listed on the slope, a hillside. A house where one enters through the roof, through a staircase.

28.04.10  Morse Table by Pudelskern Space Agency

Mid table, mid bench, "Morse Table" was created by Austrian designers Pudelskern Space Agency. Its perforated steel tray is woven wool son of messages contained Morse code and prompting users to sit.

28.04.10  Culinary Design by Marc Brétillot

Pioneer and specialist in food design, designer Marc Brétillot focuses on the design of dishes and uses food as raw materials for her creations. One approach to discover in his book "Culinary Design" coauthored with Thierry de Beaumont

27.04.10  Minton by Khai Liew

Based in Adelaide, the designer Khai Liew imagine wood furniture at the intersection of Danish and Japanese styles. Discover a selection of his creations, dressers, chairs or benches including "Minton" this storage faceted basswood.

27.04.10  RAG - Portugal Casa do by AAVP

At the Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris, the architectural firm Vincent Parreira - AAVP completed the rehabilitation and extension of the student residence of Portugal.

26.04.10  Share-a-flesh by Laszlo Rozsnoki

To create "Share-a-chair (limited" tho / net "edition)" designer Laszlo Rozsnoki cut a wooden chair into two equal parts and fitted them with additional legs. The chair halves then become usable, together or separately, one or two.

26.04.10  Strand coffee table by Chris Kabatsi

Conceived by designer Chris Kabatsi, this table is proposed by the Californian publisher Arktura. Made of laser cut steel, it combines finesse, transparency and resistance.

26.04.10  The Living Wall

In East Otto in the US, Christopher Romano, Nick Bruscia, Shadi Nazarian and one hundred Buffalo University architecture students have designed concepts of habitats minimum plywood. Many volumes joined to one another to form a "living wall".

23.04.10  Ocean Rocker by Jolyon Yates

The British designer Jolyon Yates designed this rocking chair with organic shapes. A sculptural seating made of laminated curved and varnished birch.

23.04.10  HHGO by Sören Hanft

A Oldenburg in Germany, the Berlin architect Sören Hanft designed the family home. A complex and fragmented volume bristling with dark wood.

22.04.10  Hook by Marko Nenonen

Designed by Finnish designer Marko Nenonen, this prototype lamp is a contemporary reinterpretation of the domestic construction wandering. Composed of a

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