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12.02.10 Benches by A & D

Anna Iwansson Lemberthe Regis and design studio A & D work on concrete and wood, gross or recovery. Discover two of their creations.

11.02.10 Villa by Blok Kats Valk Van Veen

In the Netherlands, close to the forest of Almere, Blok Kats Van Veen Architects the house stands the triangular plan. A construction that turns to the landscape and faces the edge.

11.02.10 Wood Lamp by TAF Architects

To the editor Muuto Danish, the Swedish agency TAF Architects designed this wooden desk lamp. Simple and different.

11.02.10 Cinderella's Chair by Anna Ter Haar

The Dutch designer Anna Ter Haar amputate his chairs for their graft prostheses blown glass. Fragile in appearance, in her glass slipper, then takes the chair for Cinderella.

10.02.10 Tsai Residence by HHF Architekten

At Ancram, the United States, the Swiss Agency HHF Architekten has designed this house for two young art collectors. A simple and elegant volumes, and praises the seal of the fault.

10.02.10 Particle Matali Crasset

The publisher Domeau & Peres presented in Paris yesterday two of its new 2010: leather and wood, "particle", the chair Matali and "Brooklyn Machine Works", a luxurious finely coated leather bike designed by Pharrell Williams, singer and producer of hip hop.

10.02.10 Mobius table by Lucidi Pevere

Between design and math, the Italian studio Lucidi Pevere offers us this coffee table made of sheet steel inspired by the Möbius ribbon, a surface with only one side, described by the mathematician Ferdinand Mobius in 1858.

09.02.10 The Dovecot Studio by Haworth Tompkins

In England, in an industrial wasteland of Suffolk, the Haworth Tompkins architectural firm realized what a studio on campus music. A rusty appearance steel construction, slipped into an existing ruin.

09.02.10 N-7 table by Norayr Khachatryan

Designer Armenian Norayr Khachatryan has created this table angular aluminum sheet folded. With its asymmetrical feet, the imbalance is only apparent.

09.02.10 All Alone Vincent Olm

The Belgian designer Vincent Olm sign this minimalist hangers. A simple oak stick with 4 of teeth that allow hang as many clothes. An object that questions us by means of the economy he has shown.

08.02.10 Festival Hall by Müller Sigrist Architekten

In Switzerland, the Zurich architectural office Müller Sigrist established the Festival Hall in the city of Amriswil, not far from Lake Constance. A prismatic construction and banded with copper to false air of rural shed.

08.02.10 Strip by Sarah Lovgren

Young German designer, Sarah Lovgren offers us this hybrid creation, and between seat belt comfort. With its flexible structure, enveloping the object becomes habitable and changes shape according to your desires.

08.02.10 Kaluza Rocker by Erik Griffioen

Designed by Dutch designer Erik Griffioen, this chair in folded sheet steel and deforms under the weight ranges and movements of the user. A creation with taut lines and sharp.

05.02.10 PP Tree by Tom Price

China, Hangzhou, for the inauguration of the gallery Chapter 7, the British designer Tom Price made this installation organic polypropylene.

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