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09.04.10  Glow Pendant Lamp

Designed by Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez for Pallucco Italian publisher, this hanging lamp is made of folded aluminum and lacquered. A deconstructed structure.

09.04.10  Oyes Chair by Hofman Dujardin

The German magazine AIT invited 100 architecture firms and design a chair redesign the "Ono" designed by Matthias Weber. Shifted, the response of the Dutch agency Hofman Dujardin is a chair shaped tower project 760 meters in height for the City of Cape Town.

08.04.10  Mt Merino House by Joel Sanders

Perched atop Mount Merino, this house of concrete and wood overlooking the Hudson River. A project open and bright built by the New York architect Joel Sanders.

08.04.10  Chair by Fabrica for Cheap

For the Bon Marche Rive Gauche, Sam Baron and Fabrica's designers have disassembled, reassembled and customized chair Bebrüder Thonet Vienna model No. 14, design history icon. To discover 14 original creations, and various versions offset.

08.04.10  Social housing by GTB

Composed of 2 16 pads apartments, this social housing operation was conducted in Grenoble BMS Architects Agency. Overview in photos with pictures of Peter Cesaro cap.

07.04.10  Rubic by Studio euphonik

oiled white oak chair and broken lines, "Rubic" is signed by the German designer Mariusz Malecki Studio euphonik.

07.04.10  Alveoli Vol.1 & Vol.2 by Jean-Pierre Attal

Between art and social archeology, the Parisian photographer Jean-Pierre Attal observes contemporary architecture offices. Behind the glass facades, as in a hive, life unfolds, teeming, countless, anonymous.

07.04.10  Louis & Louis by Studio euphonik

Mariusz Malecki of the Berlin design agency Studio euphonik imagined this small dresser consists of two independent elements and perfectly symmetrical. A contemporary reinterpretation and shifted the archetype.

06.04.10  House TK1001 of Daaak

Designed by Daaak, the "House TK1001" is a small cardboard house to self-assembly. A game for children creative and contemporary, between toy and furniture.

06.04.10  Masserey home by Acts Collective

Another project of the agency Collective Acts, this family home built Venthone Switzerland. Architecture of concrete and wood included in the slope and turned towards the valley.

06.04.10  Restaurant Chetzeron by Acts Collective

based architectural firm in Sierre and Lausanne, Collective Acts made this mountain restaurant in Crans-Montana in Switzerland. A contemporary and minimal reinterpretation of the traditional figure of the cottage.

05.04.10  Rooms with texts by Denis Pondruel

With this series of sculptures, the artist has imagined Denis Pondruel miniature concrete architectures. Taken in the mass, optical fibers scatter light in the cavities and rooms, drawing some words borrowed from

05.04.10  Hexa Solid Rock by Frederic Plateus

Belgian artist Frédéric Plateus signs this sculpture made of lacquered MDF and steel with a mirrored surface. Its sharp volumes unfold in space, playing on reflections and disturbing our perceptions.

05.04.10  Fillings by Zhaana Kadyrova

In this installation presented at Art Paris 2010 by the Taiss gallery, the artist Zhaana Kadyrova offers us an offbeat look at the domestic universe. An installation featuring furniture, household appliances, basins and various containers filled with colors.

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