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27.01.10 M & O: Full house

At the show "Maison & Objet" exhibition "Box Full" presents the reflections of 13 architects on the theme of the cabin. Many small cardboard houses across children among other signed Rudy Ricciotti, Dominique Perrault, Hamonic and Masson.

26.01.10 M & O: Gaia Gino, It Coccio Design Edition ...

For the latter tracking Muuuz on the show "Maison et Objet", focus on some proposals for publishers Gaia Gino, It Coccio Design Edition, Lladro Workshop, Ibride, Magis and Objekto.

26.01.10 M & O: Cerruti Baleri, Kristalia, 100x100 ...

A little further down the aisles of "Maison et Objet", discover the foundation of modular Cerruti Baleri, the Kristalia stand, stools of 100x100 Design and space of Targa Italia editor.

26.01.10 M & O: Innermost, Bruut, Barcelona Design ...

See also the "Maison et Objet", the Innermost stand, tables of Bruut editor, stand Barcelona Design and Moustache products and furniture.

26.01.10 M & O: Molo, Vange and Arketipo

During our visit "Maison et Objet", we also spotted the furniture and fixtures pleated in Molo, folding chairs in Vange and Arketipo the library system.

25.01.10 M & O: The Deun, D Lab, BTC, Bob Design ...

Spotted in the aisles of "Maison & Objet", these fixtures offered by publishers The Deun, D Lab, BTC, Bob Design and Lumen Center Italia.

25.01.10 M & O: Antonio Lupi, Opinion Ciatti ...

Also featured on "Maison et Objet", sanitary manufacturer Antonio Lupi novelties, furniture Opinion Ciatti and carpets Nanimarquina signed Ron Arad.

25.01.10 M & O: Vondom, Talenti, XO and Ligne Roset

Seen on "Maison & Objet", discover the stands and Vondom Talenti with Karim Rashid's creations, the XO stand with the achievements of Karim Rashid and Philippe Starck and the stand with the last Ligne Roset sofa Inga Sempé.

25.01.10 M & O: Now! 10 years 10 designers

Now on "Maison & Objet", the show "Now! Design à vivre" celebrates 10 years. For the occasion, a jury selected 10 designers, established talents or become, with whom he will take in the coming years. Overview in pictures.

22.01.10 Burning Lightbulbs par Stephen De Vight

For his "Burning Lightbulbs" series, Stephen De Vight rid of conventional incandescent bulbs from their glass globes and photograph their filaments burning in the open air. smoke curling from, beautiful and ephemeral, before extinction.

22.01.10 Windows Linzi Silverman

Photographer, Linzi Silverman raises his gaze on daily life. Discover a selection of its windows clichés. Intimate, sensitive and poetic, they reveal the domestic space and landscape, embodying the boundaries between them or sometimes together.

22.01.10 Robinet Titanium

"Titanium" is a series of faucets for bathroom proposed by the New York Watermark Designs maker. With its finely textured buttons, it offers a design technique and elegant time.

21.01.10 Al Dente by Jason Phillips

This line of furniture designed by Jason Phillips Design consists of a table and chairs whose legs are made of a tangle of thin metal rods.

21.01.10 Shouldhan Street

In central London, the architecture firm Henning Stummel conducted the extension of a Georgian house. A slim volume, out, connects existing 3 floors and hosts a bathroom.

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