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07.01.10 Glass Concept Home

All glass, this concept of house was imagined by Carlo Santambrogio and the designer Ennio Arosio. A space in transparency, floor to ceiling through the walls, stairs and furniture.

07.01.10 Pebro by cell

Equipped with a counterweight, the public bench "Pebro" stands when not in use. Between furniture and sculpture, creating a changing, reacting to user contact.

07.01.10 Light Gummi Candelier

Inspired treats his childhood, Kevin Champeny created for this Jellio made light suspension 2000 small colored bear. Graphic and delightfully regressive.

06.01.10 Messana O'Rorke by Tank House

On the New York skyline, Messana O'Rorke Architects to sign the renovation of a loft and transforms the old water tank adjacent to urban hermitage. An original rereading of one of the icons of the urban landscape of the city.

06.01.10 One, bathroom invisible

With mobile and articulated wood planes, sink, shower and toilet in the range "One" turn into shelves or benches when not in use. A creation between health and furniture Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.

06.01.10 Alter Hangar Polmar by Smith

Directed by Nantes architectural firm Smith Alter, Polmar the shed stands in Saint-Nazaire. A steel construction with complex and unusual piercings that is reminiscent of the works of Gordon Matta-Clark.

05.01.10 Piano by ADDI

Both bench and bike mount, Piano is a concept of street furniture designed by Swedish designers of ADDI. A hybrid proposal, an angular, binary and different design.

05.01.10 Continuum Table by Jason Phillips

The American designer Jason Phillips offers us this amazing table. A glass top supported by a tangle of bent metal tubes.

05.01.10 corrugated flooring

With the parquet, the German manufacturer Waldilla replaces traditional slatted straight cut through slatted corrugated profile. A different soil, vibrant, organic.

04.01.10 Eifini by SAKO Architects

Built by SAKO Architects for Eifini in the Chinese city of Chengdu, this women's fashion boutique has clothes on a wearing giant sprawling, continuous tube snaking through space.

04.01.10 Mat Thomas Tramp

Thomas Tramp us discover its carpets in Tibet wool. Contemporary rugs made by hand and offset patterns, graphics, provocative or funky.

04.01.10 A stairway to Tisvildeleje

On the Danish coast, north of Copenhagen, David Bulow and Per Call Primus Architects sign the renovation of this fisherman house. A project between tradition and modernity, a stunning staircase, statuesque and immaculate.

24.12.09 House Alaska by Mayer Sattler-Smith

Based in Anchorage, the Mayer Sattler-Smith architectural firm designed the family home on 2 levels in Big Lake, Alaska. Banded wood, perched on a hill, open to nature.

24.12.09 Photographs by Ivo Mayr

German photographer, Ivo Mayr offers us his shots staggered. A strange attraction between architecture and its subjects, glued to the walls like Spiderman.

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