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12.03.10  Loxolop by Ebere Groenouwe

Created by designer and artist Ebere Dutch Groenouwe, suspended Loxolop lamp is inspired techniques of origami. A lamp made of 2 pieces of recycled paper interleaved.

12.03.10  Stick by Todd Bracher

The New York designer Todd Bracher has designed these simple and elegant lamps with false air of stick insects. Simple bent metal tubes fitted with LEDs.

12.03.10  Precast House by FKL Architects

Recently completed by the Irish agency FKL Architects, the Precast House stands in the village of Howth, near Dublin. A house whose skin of glass and precast concrete polished reflects the landscape.

11.03.10  A tower producing fresh water

For the competition Evolo 2010, the Parisian architectural agency AAA / Crew Design for Architecture has designed this tower ecosystem, vertical greenhouse to produce freshwater from seawater and mangrove. A project that was awarded a special mention by the jury.

11.03.10  Elica by Brian Sironi

Designed by Brian Sironi, this aluminum table lamp consists of a body and an articulated arm equipped with LEDs. Without a switch, it is the movement of its arm that controls and directs the light.

11.03.10  Ikea squats the Paris Metro

Since yesterday, IKEA has invested four stations of the Paris Metro. Along the docks, chairs and sofas of the brand will replace the usual two weeks for the subway benches. A campaign of original and offbeat urban communication.

10.03.10  Glenwood Residence by Wernerfield

A Dallas, Texas, the agency Wernerfield Architecture-Design has just completed the construction of the villa of white concrete, dry stone and wood. Between Modern style and contemporary architecture.

10.03.10  Chaos Theory by Manuel Welsky

The young German designer Manuel Welsky offers us his library "Chaos Theory". Furniture made of wood planks fitted together and that the imbalance is only apparent.

10.03.10  Trinclinium by Alessia Massimi

The Roman designer Alessia Massimi designed this modular seating concept by replicating the headrest of a car Citroën C2. In the multiplying and linking them, it offers an adaptable and transformable furniture, sofa and chaise between.

10.03.10  Six meters before Paris by Julien Donada

Julien Donada photographed hundreds of signs "Paris" that encircle the capital. In a video of 5 minutes, he gives us his view of the city and its limits. Pan and device.

09.03.10  Aussegnungshalle by C18 Architekten

A Aalen in Germany, Marcus Kaestle, Andreas Ocker and Michel Roeder from C18 Architekten agency conducted this funeral home.

09.03.10  Birds by Matti Klenell

For Iittala, the Swedish designer Matti Klenell sign this collection of 10 small glass containers in forms of stylized birds.

09.03.10  DESA by Pierre Charpin

The designer shows us his latest published lamp by Ligne Roset. A cylinder opaline glass rimmed black steel. A simple and elegant lamp, soft and abstract.

08.03.10  Reute Kroze Leoben by Yes Architecture

In the town of Leoben in Austria, the agency Yes Architecture designed for the Red Cross building in the colors of the humanitarian organization. Between architecture and signage.

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