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04.09.09 The balcony window is coming soon

Presented at the last show Equip'Baie 2008 by Kawneer, the concept of convertible balcony window "Bloomframe" has finally entered production. Discover below the product demonstration video.

04.09.09 Handrail staircase light

Ideal for stairs or the dark corridors, this bright and colorful smooth consists of LED tubes with very low heat emission. A concept created by designer Croatian Zoran Sunjic.

04.09.09 A tower that grows

More than a house built in the trees, "Baubotanical" is an architecture made of living trees imagined by a group of students from the University of Stuttgart. Green and inspiring.

03.09.09 A concrete lamp

Conceived by designer Joachim Manz, "Trabant" is a suspension light cast concrete. Between lightness and minerality.

03.09.09 Louis Vuitton

Photographed in Mexico by a user, this amazing home away from wild way the famous monogram of French leather goods. Between postmodernism and consumerism.

02.09.09 Camper Bike Kevin Cyr

Designed by the New York artist Kevin Cyr, the "Bike Camper" is a hybrid creation between bike and camper. Improbable and inspiring.

02.09.09 The Ruins of Detroit

Photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre immortalize architectures in ruins and abandoned. Clichés with icy beauty, poetic and dramatic. Check out their latest series dedicated to the "Motor City".

01.09.09 Easy Click Duravit

"Easy Click" is a system of decorative panels suitable for dressing manufacturer Duravit bathtubs. A simple concept for a sleek design.

31.08.09 Living in a house in Lego

Aided by a group of volunteers, British TV presenter James May has begun construction of a dwelling house in Lego bricks. Between min and max.

27.08.09 Giorgio Fochesato on Route 66

The Italian photographer has traveled the legendary Route 66 goal in hand. Posing on it a poetic and personal look, it makes us share today his shots.

13.07.09 sacred spaces

German photographer based in New York, Christoph Morlinghaus devotes part of his work in architectural photography. It passions include the blanks, purified, disproportionate. Check out some pictures taken from a series devoted to the churches.

09.07.09 The Economist: Thinking Space

The British weekly The Economist has launched a website revealing all in 3D creative workspaces and policymakers. Spectacular, intimate and inspiring.

08.07.09 Lightfacet divider by Bloomming

Modular system of lightweight partitioning designed by Bloomming the Lightfacet divider partitions the space by playing with light.

07.07.09 N-Matic, and origami light

Conceived by Inga Mrazauskaite, N-Matic is a light soft and pliable for performing complex and changing forms.

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