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26.02.10  Gersonsvej by Cebra

For the City of Gentofte in Denmark, the architectural firm Cebra has created this space for sports and leisure versatile. Between industrial and domestic architecture.

26.02.10  One by Jean Michel Policar

Lido to the manufacturer, designer Jean-Michel Policar drew this column bathroom cabinet incorporating mirror, sink, drawer and door towels. An all in one solution with reduced dimensions meet the needs of small spaces.

25.02.10  Dance with me Yuraki Hotta

Japanese designer presents these two little feet on furniture. Two elements that can be used independently, joined, stacked or nested. Simple and rich at once.

25.02.10  The Vertical Component of Juan Jose Barba

In Spain, the Madrid architecture firm Jose Juan Barba Arquitectos realized the "Vertical Component - Centre for the interpretation of rivers". A concrete architecture and copper, gross and subtle at once.

25.02.10  Family Box by Crossboundaries Architects

Located in Beijing, this building which is both a nursery and a leisure area was designed by the agency Crossboundaries Architects. Behind a perforated facade taking up the lines of children's drawings, it welcomes families, playing on scales and graphic codes aimed at young and old.

24.02.10  transformable table MK2 by Duffy London

Proposed by the publisher Duffy London, this coffee table is transformed into high table or desk in a snap thanks to its feet and hinged tray.

24.02.10  Folding Chopping Board by DesignWright

Created by London design studio DesignWright, this cutting board is equipped with a flexible hinge. An ingenious detail that facilitates its use.

24.02.10  SODAE House by VMX Architects

Located in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam, the SODAE House was designed by the Dutch agency VMX Architects. A house 500 square meters, concrete monolith with sharp angles.

23.02.10  House in Kodaira Suppose Design Office

Suppose Design Office The Japanese architecture firm has recently completed construction of this house in the city of Kodaira. side street, one opaque and translucent veil is stretched on the front, giving the thickness of the boundary and protecting the inhabitants from the sun and looks.

23.02.10  Moire Moire Moire by ODOS Architects

In the center of Dublin, Darrell O'Donoghue and David O'Shea of ​​ODOS Architects sign this project consists of townhouses 3 190 square meters each. A glass building, concrete and steel, between opacity and transparency.

23.02.10  Swollen by Paul Wall Coudamy

The designer Paul Coudamy shows us his latest creation. The development of a Parisian apartment where a library of 17 meters long and unfolds articulates the different spaces.

22.02.10  George and Anne 3 by Gareth Neal

With the "George 3" chest of drawers and the "Anne" walnut table, the English designer Gareth Neal works on layers, blurs the contours of objects and disrupts our perception.

22.02.10  Tratto by Carlo Colombo

This wall sink with taut lines was designed by designer Carlo Colombo for the Italian manufacturer Antonio Lupi. A sink that blends into the wall and concealed siphon and plumbing connections with its bevel. Sculptural and sleek.

22.02.10  Lecht Cottage by Moxon Architects

Northeast of Scotland, in the area of ​​Aberdeenshire, the London agency Moxon Architects has completed the restoration and extension of the cottage of the nineteenth century. Grafted on the south facade, a glass extension, wood and concrete home opens on the surrounding countryside.

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