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25.05.09 Canali, a tap towel

Modular in design, "Canali" allows creating taps with multiple and varied forms as this amazing beak towel.

22.05.09 Tilt-Shift Your Photos with a few clicks

To discover a website that allows you to create your photos "Tilt-Shift" just and free. or how to give your shots airs photos of models in an instant.

21.05.09 Dispatchwork in Berlin by Jan Vormann

Using Lego bricks, the German artist in January Vormann fills holes and cracks in the Berlin Wall. A minor operation in walls steeped in history.

20.05.09 A concrete wall with integrated optical fibers

concrete wall passing lights, colors and shadows, Con / Fiber is an installation created by architect Kengo Kuma at the Tokyo Fiber Senseware 09. The combination of concrete and transparency.

19.05.09 RE / DO at Milan

This light installation uses cans used to customize an existing facade. A reflection on the proposed recycling and .PSLAB Piuarch during the last Milan Design Week.

15.05.09 "The little papers" by Simon Schubert

The German artist Simon Schubert gives life to architecture, interior or exterior views, from single sheets of paper folded subtly.

14.05.09 On the Bri (n) ck: a wall built by a robot

Edited by Ingeborg M. Rocker, the Harvard University GSD students have planned a brick wall of wood assembled using a robotic arm. An instructive experience scale.

13.05.09 Iron Maiden by Morgane Tschiember

"Iron Maiden" on Loevenbruck Gallery. There is no question here of an exhibition on the famous British heavy metal group but an installation of Morgane Tschiember. Walls plated metal, Plucking is to carve space.

12.05.09 Spacebuster, inflatable pavilion Raumlabor

Designed by Berlin architecture studio Raumlabor, "Spacebuster" is a mobile, inflatable pavilion that create ephemeral places in public space.

11.05.09 A façade made of recycled sinks

In Utrecht, Vlaardingen and Amsterdam, stands a strange construction signed 2012 Architecten. A pavilion whose façade is made of recycled sinks.

08.05.09 Image of O

Designed by designer Jean-Michel Policar, "Image d'O" is an amazing bathroom element all-in-one integrating washbasin, mirror, storage and lighting.

07.05.09 Spomenik Jan Kempenaers

The Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers conducted in the former Yugoslavia a series of photographs of monuments, relics of the communist era. In the landscape, sculpture abandoned the volumetrics amazing.

06.05.09 compact kitchen

Between buffet and functional wall, "Oma's Rache" is a retractable kitchen composed of telescopic and recessed elements. A creation by Ilja Oelschlägel.

05.05.09 Villa Julia by Javier Mariscal

Designed by Javier Mariscal and edited by Magis, "Villa Julia" is a children's play room house-shaped cardboard. Light and customizable at will.

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