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14.01.10  Shelf by Signature Metaconcrete

Created by the design studio Korean Metaconcrete, this shelf tubes and sheet metal bends and meanders. Strange, uncertain, fragile appearance.

13.01.10  House of Culture by Quintet

A Herblay in the Paris suburbs, the architectural firm Quintet sign the Youth and Culture of the city. In a park, the building stretches its colorful facades and plays with reflections.

13.01.10  Glänta Johan Carpner

To the editor Blond, Swedish designer Johan Carpner imagined this light suspension foliage pattern. A play of light and shadow, between abstraction and figuration.

13.01.10  Vanity Table by Roderick Vos

The plateau of this coffee table tubular consists of 9 compartments is possible to lay magazines of different sizes. Below, as many storage to stacking back issues there. When the use gives form to the object.

12.01.10  fragments of nature Lex Pott

Dutch designer Lex Pott presents its series of wooden tables made of planks and branches assemblies. Between industrial design and use of natural elements.

12.01.10  Aloni by Deca Architecture

A Antiparos Greece, signed Deca Architecture this house is nestled in the site. A half-buried, it offers spaces, practices and unusual views.

12.01.10  N-Building, augmented reality

Created by the architectural Tokyo Terada Design Agency, this interactive facade rises a near Tachikawa Station. Displaying a QR code readable by a mobile phone, it offers passers additional information.

12.01.10  Villa Welpeloo by 2012 Architects

Located in the Netherlands, at Eschede in Roombeek neighborhood, this house of 2012 Architects consists of recycled materials: textile, wood, flooring, insulation, etc.

11.01.10  Caged Memories by Luzinterruptus

In the Lavapies district of Madrid, Luzinterruptus realized the installation "Caged Memories". Suspended in the void at the heart of the city, 400 golden cages and illuminated, filled with objects and personal memorabilia.

11.01.10  Linen Matrix, Matrix Lin

Made by Norman farmers from a design by designer François Azambourg, this shelter-shaped installation is made of agglomerated flax fibers. It will be exhibited from January 22 to 26, 2010 in the "Now! Design à Vivre" area of ​​the Maison & Objet fair.

11.01.10  Towel Bosporus

Designed by Saffet Kalender for the British manufacturer Aeon, the towel Bosporus of scale stage or shelf. Creating a hybrid between radiator and furniture.

08.01.10  S Grosfeld House by Van Der Velde

At Breda in the Netherlands, the Van Der Velde Grosfeld architecture firm carried out the open house on nature. Surrounded by terraces, pierced by large windows offering light and views.

08.01.10  Bowling by Michael Malapert

Interior designer, Michael Malapert imagined these particular objects. The "interior jewels", XXL collars to hang on the walls and becoming objects of decoration, playing with space, light and reflections.

08.01.10  Paulo David Madeira

Designed by architect Paulo David, access stairs and welcomes and guides visitors in the heart of a cave open to the public in Madeira. A slatted, wooden structure winds and creeps into the site.

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