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04.11.09 Tesolaeria of Racheli C. Sharfstein

Between library and magazine rack, this small cabinet rubber prompts the user to drag books and magazines in its interstices, penetrating through and through.

04.11.09 I Moomoo House by Architects

In Poland, Moomoo Architects designed this house entirely covered with Thermopian, a synthetic insulating material usually used in coverage.

04.11.09 NYC Spaghetti

Conceived by Alex Creamer, "NYC Spaghetti" is a packaging project reproducing spaghetti silhouette and volume of the Chrysler Building in New York. A simple and seductive idea.

03.11.09 City Map Cuts de Karen O'Leary

This American artist patiently cutting city maps, leaving only the network of streets and public spaces. Urban laces that offer us a different look at Paris and New York.

03.11.09 Skybox by Primus House Architects

In Denmark, the architectural firm Primus has made this house only 75 m². A project of modest size but strong spatiality, including air and light as architectural components.

03.11.09 Mistral, glass staircase and wood

Proposed by the Austrian manufacturer Siller, "Mistral" is a stair made of wooden steps system fixed on glass walls. Minimalist air.

02.11.09 Hercules Torres Rafael De La Hoz

In Andalusia, in the Bay of Algeciras, stands this double tower built by the Madrid architect Rafael De La Hoz. Its astonishing facade consists of a concrete frame interlaced thick and stylized letters.

02.11.09 Square by A2RC

In Belgium, the architectural firm A2RC completed the transformation of the former Palace of Brussels Congress. The highlight of the project, a glass cube and transparent and spectacular steel.

02.11.09 Japanese ceramic tiles

The Japanese manufacturer Inax offers contemporary and original tiles. A range which reinterprets the traditions and know-how for Japanese ceramics.

01.11.09 library staircase

Created by the London studio Levitate Architects, this staircase is a library. Its hollow risers turn into shelves and fill with books. Between access and furniture.

01.11.09 Cartesia by Nosigner

Signed Nosigner, "Cartesia" is a cabinet whose drawers open in 2 directions. Practical, minimalist and different.

31.10.09 Shop shelves by Guy Brown

Recycling old tables, the British designer Guy Brown created the original shelf for a shop in Nottingham.

31.10.09 Rediscover the anonymous architecture

Photographer and painter German, Sven Hamann raises his gaze on the common architecture and everyday. Almost abstract, facades details of photographs reveal the beauty. Sometimes unexpected beauty.

30.10.09 Great (Bamboo) Wall House

Near Beijing, the Kengo Kuma and Associates architecture firm has designed this house of bamboo. A subtle project which maintains a close relationship with the landscape.

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