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09.12.09  Gingerbread Houses

  Creative Room Canadian collective has invited major architectural offices from Vancouver to imagine a contemporary home in gingerbread. Fruit of these reflections, 11 architectural models where the wafers and sugar substitute concrete and glass.

09.12.09  Hanover House by Kraus Schönberg

In Bradford, UK, Kraus Schönberg Architects agency has made the raising of a Victorian building. A sculptural and contemporary intervention that draws on surrounding roofs.

09.12.09  CCC by Alexander Moronnoz

  After his bench "Muscle" recently featured in our columns, Alexander Moronnoz we discover today "CCC", a concept of street furniture decontaminating, winner of the Grand Prix of the Creation of the City of Paris.

08.12.09  Pier House in Brazil

Signed Grinspum Gabriel and Mariana Simas, this house stands in Paraty, Brazil. A simple volume and open, backed forest and waterfront.

08.12.09  Sculptures by Olivier De Coux

Parisian artist, Olivier De Coux works with metal to create sculptures to the high plasticity and rich and complex surfaces. Discover the raw beauty of its panels and its fragmented architected volumes.

08.12.09  Apartments boys

  After "Apartments girls" and "lovers of apartments in Paris", the Japanese publisher Palms we offer "Apartments boys". An inspiring book that reveals the inner creative boys, artists, photographers, graphic artists, architects and designers.

07.12.09  A Movable Light

Consisting of fine slices mobile, lighting concept that takes shape, deforms and sculpts the light of a thousand ways, according to the desires of its user.

07.12.09  Fujitsubo by Archivision

Directed by Archivision in Tokyo, this hairdresser and beauty surprises with its skin flake copper roof and carved inspired "Fujitsubo", Japanese shells.

07.12.09  One Of Piece by Nacho Carbonell

In continuation of his "Evolution Collection" designer Nacho Carbonell on presents his office "Of One Piece", a hybrid prototype, cabinet 5 feet both chair and desk.

04.12.09  A Lotus for Noreen by Sean McGinnis

American sculptor living in Paris since 1997, Sean McGinnis realized colorful son facilities. Discover "A Lotus for Noreen", his latest creation, between weaving and architecture, structure and fragility.

04.12.09  Craftbymac by Philippe Macaigne

Designer and Parisian architect, Philippe Macaigne presents his furniture line "Craftbymac". A storage, a chair, a lamp and a desk at the intersection of craft and design.

04.12.09  Oceanas Fuentes in Madrid

  Signed Emilio Carretero Alba and Lumiartecnia Internacional, the fountain "Fuentes Oceanas" is located on the Plaza de Colón in Madrid. Between the underpass and fountain, the book is revealed from the outside but also from within.

03.12.09  Bye Bye Shanghai

Imagined by Arianna Subri Uroboro of Design, "Bye Bye Shanghai" is a hanging lamp made of recycled cardboard plates. Fragments that become the user can assemble at will to create a custom lamp.

03.12.09  Villa Vals by SeARCH

In Vals in Switzerland, the Dutch architectural firm SeARCH slips a villa into the hill. A troglodyte house photographed by Iwan Baan.

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