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24.12.09  Photographs by Ivo Mayr

German photographer, Ivo Mayr offers us his shots staggered. A strange attraction between architecture and its subjects, glued to the walls like Spiderman.

24.12.09  Copenhagen by Poulsen & Ploug

For the publisher Karl Andersson, the Danish design studio Poulsen & Ploug created this line of glass tables with fine oak structures.

23.12.09  Endless Chair by MT4

Inspired by the works of MC Esher, the chair "Endless" is signed MT4 Architects, architectural office in Brussels.

23.12.09  Japan seen by Iwan Baan

The architectural photographer Iwan Baan sign a series of photographs illustrating the last book of the architectural firm SANAA. A look at urban life, ways of living and architecture in Japan.

22.12.09  Clamp Desk by Paul Coudamy

  For offices H2 Printing, Paul and Benedict Coudamy Coulondres come to realize a modular office system composed of a synthetic material board on which are grafted various modules, feet, and storage extensions, adding as many additional functions.    

22.12.09  During Flatliner by Jason Bruges

Signed Jason Bruges, this suspension is fitted with 240 white LEDs and a sensory system that allows to vary the light intensity of a simple finger movement on the edge of the unit.

22.12.09  Vanya Polunin, clown and designer

Multidisciplinary artist, both clown and designer, Russian Vanya Polunin proposes a world shifted and staff, combining architecture, design, sculpture and graphics.

21.12.09  Cross Street by Paul Archer

In London, the architect Paul Archer performs the renovation of a house in the district of Islington. Digging the garden and opening the back cover he created a vacuum and draws a house under the house.

21.12.09  A Christmas tree in beer bottles

  Consisting of over 1 000 bottles of Heineken beer, this stylized tree stands in front of a shopping center of Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Ecological and economic.

21.12.09  Aluminium Plane by Frederic Geurts

On the occasion of the exhibition "(a) balanced", the Belgian artist Frederic Geurts makes this sculpture 17,5 meters long and 4 meters high. A compound curved wall of aluminum foil folded only 3 millimeters thick. Between fragility and spatiality.

18.12.09  On the roofs of Stockholm

  Walking on the roofs Stockholm is now possible. In groups and accompanied by guides dressed like mountain climbers, discover the center of the Swedish capital from above.

18.12.09  New York intimacy

Under the lens of photographer Michael Roberto, the New York building Chelsea Modern is revealed. For the photo, at nightfall, the inhabitants opened their curtains. Illuminated from the inside, the glass facade reveals privacy.

18.12.09  Storage faceted by Markus Fisher

Designed by Markus Fischer and edited by WK Wohnen, the series of dressers and cabinets "The WK 467 faceta" features a faceted surface and embossed.

17.12.09  Retirement home in Heisdorf by HVP

In Luxembourg, the architectural firm Hermann, Valentiny and Partners has completed the extension of the retirement home of Castle Heisdorf. A volume of concrete with fine ribs which is grafted to the existing.

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