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02.12.09  A Chair by Ivo Otasevic

Designed by architect Ivo Otasevic Serbian and noticed in Milan, the "A Chair" is a chair design simple and complex at once, its angular shape and sculptural resulting from folding a single plan.

02.12.09  Villa Saitan

In the city of Kyoto, Japan, Eastern Design Office realized that building housing for 11-like villa. A volume of sculpted concrete, covered with breakthroughs in plant forms.

02.12.09  letout Outlet

Created by designer Damjan Stankovic, the concept of wall outlet turns into a power strip in a wink. A winning project of Reddot Design Awards.

01.12.09  nested House

Created by Miligram Architectural Studio in Tokyo, the Nested House is a concrete and wood with a thousand windows.

01.12.09  Ondine

Designed by Michael Bihain designer in collaboration with the architect Cedric Callewaert, this modular sculptural bench consists of elements with organic shapes to perform many combinations.

01.12.09  Aluminum chair by Tobias Labarque

Made from a single piece of perforated aluminum sheet and folded without assembly or welding, the chair "tfl03alu" is a prototype created by designer Tobias Labarque.

30.11.09  Flexsit bench by Studio Vertu

This concept of bench consists of 2 basic modules folded aluminum. Comb-shaped, they interlock and can be assembled in many ways to vary the shape and dimensions of the seat.

30.11.09  More Collection by Alfredo Häberli

  Swiss manufacturer of carpets, Ruckstuhl has appealed to the designer Alfredo Häberli to enrich his collection "More". Fruit of this collaboration, a series of innovative contemporary rugs felt reflection on the connection between the elements.

30.11.09  By Air training center

A Mishawaka, Air architectural firm sign the extension of the training center for apprentices to the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Val de Marne. Between the two, a yellow concrete architecture with sharp angles sculpts space and brings together the old and the new.

27.11.09  primitive Series

Designed by Nucleo Design, these units are made of cardboard and foam covered with resin. An experimental project, a reflection on the fragility of the flesh and skin.

27.11.09  Urbanbuds Gionata by Gatto

Italian designer Gionata Gatto imagined this system compact and portable garden. A concept that would grow fruit and vegetables anywhere, urban, private area or in public spaces.

27.11.09  A giant bridge between Nevada and Arizona

In the US, the astonishing Hoover Dam Bypass bridge crosses the vacuum to rally Clark County, Nevada in Mohave County in Arizona. Before its completion in September 2010, browse amazing photos of the site.

26.11.09  Philo tap

Shaped loop, this sculptural tap the Italian manufacturer Treemme surprises with its contemporary lines and organic.

26.11.09  AR-House

Built by the architectural studio Japanese Kubota, the house unfolds in the city of Oita. Between Mannerism and minimal elegance, opacity and opening the concrete porticos that compose overlap and stretch their lips bevelled on the plot.

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