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27.08.09 Giorgio Fochesato on Route 66

The Italian photographer has traveled the legendary Route 66 goal in hand. Posing on it a poetic and personal look, it makes us share today his shots.

13.07.09 sacred spaces

German photographer based in New York, Christoph Morlinghaus devotes part of his work in architectural photography. It passions include the blanks, purified, disproportionate. Check out some pictures taken from a series devoted to the churches.

09.07.09 The Economist: Thinking Space

The British weekly The Economist has launched a website revealing all in 3D creative workspaces and policymakers. Spectacular, intimate and inspiring.

08.07.09 Lightfacet divider by Bloomming

Modular system of lightweight partitioning designed by Bloomming the Lightfacet divider partitions the space by playing with light.

07.07.09 N-Matic, and origami light

Conceived by Inga Mrazauskaite, N-Matic is a light soft and pliable for performing complex and changing forms.

06.07.09 Architectural walk on the iPhone

29GPS Architecture is an interactive guide for iPhone with a selection of notable buildings. Free downloadable, this integrated app cleverly leverages the GPS of the Apple device.

03.07.09 Treepee suspended tent

Between Indian and attempts to cabin suspended, the Treepee can be used as a trampoline. Both shelter and playground, it has everything to seduce younger.

02.07.09 Flooring pennies

The Standard Grill, New York restaurant of Washington Street, surprises with its stunning floor covering made of thousands of coins.

01.07.09 A Thai orphanage bamboo

To assist 24 Thai orphans, the humanitarian organization TYIN Tegnestue 6 built bamboo houses near the Burmese border. A simple and elegant architecture, inspired by vernacular forms and local expertise.

30.06.09 Warp your room of Surrealien

Proposed by Tom Hanke's German studio Surrealien these wallpapers 3D sets are tailored to fit their media and create amazing depth effects.

29.06.09 Mini Capsule Hotel Atelier Van Lieshout of

Exhibited during the Design Miami / Basel 2009, this hotel is the work of the collective of Dutch designers. A creation at the crossroads of art and architecture that Brad Pitt has also bought.

26.06.09 textile architecture

Young Russian designer, Irina Shaposhnikova replicates and assembles the polygons to create his models, introducing structures and unusual volume in the clothing world.

25.06.09 Luxerion, lighting and air purifier

Signed Artemide and Elica, the Luxerion Collection is a range of luminaires incorporating an air purification system.

24.06.09 Urban Seat

On the sidelines of Designer's Days 2009, Damien Gires and had LePlanB installation "Urban Seat". From clever additions that reinvent the existing street furniture.

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