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11.05.09 A façade made of recycled sinks

In Utrecht, Vlaardingen and Amsterdam, stands a strange construction signed 2012 Architecten. A pavilion whose façade is made of recycled sinks.

08.05.09 Image of O

Designed by designer Jean-Michel Policar, "Image d'O" is an amazing bathroom element all-in-one integrating washbasin, mirror, storage and lighting.

07.05.09 Spomenik Jan Kempenaers

The Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers conducted in the former Yugoslavia a series of photographs of monuments, relics of the communist era. In the landscape, sculpture abandoned the volumetrics amazing.

06.05.09 compact kitchen

Between buffet and functional wall, "Oma's Rache" is a retractable kitchen composed of telescopic and recessed elements. A creation by Ilja Oelschlägel.

05.05.09 Villa Julia by Javier Mariscal

Designed by Javier Mariscal and edited by Magis, "Villa Julia" is a children's play room house-shaped cardboard. Light and customizable at will.

04.05.09 The cabins of Tadashi Kawamata

Since 1977, the Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata multiplies the sculptures in situ. Among his works some strange tree houses in the heart of our cities.

01.05.09 A plane converted into a hotel in Costa Rica

In the jungle of Costa Rica, the Hotel Costa Verde offers a suite in a converted old Boeing 727. Ideal to play Robinson Crusoe in comfort.

30.04.09 House of Furniture Parts

The borders of architecture and furniture design, the installation of Studio Makkink & Bey invites us to cut our furniture in the heart of our walls.

29.04.09 Glimpse, beyond the walls

With "Glimpse", her mirror in the form of a half-open door, Sarah Tamala Kang invites us to see through the walls and to cross the impassable. A poetic object, between art and design.

28.04.09 A staircase extra fine

Designed by HSH, this staircase is made of a single, cleverly folded steel sheet. A result as amazing as it is elegant.

27.04.09 Reverse Graffiti by Alexandre Orion

Armed with only a cloth, the Brazilian graffiti artist Alexandre Orion Tagge by cleaning the walls blackened by pollution from a road tunnel in Sao Paulo.

24.04.09 Cities XL

Video game construction and urban management, "Cities XL" boasts a remarkable achievement and an astonishing wealth. Coming soon, it could well make new benchmark in the genre.

23.04.09 architecture capital

In Kaunas in Lithuania, the Office Center "1000" a 10 storey office building takes the form and decoration of a giant bank note.

22.04.09 giant dollhouse

Near Sinclair, in the province of Manitoba, the Canadian artist Heather Benning took possession of an abandoned farm to transform it into giant doll house.

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