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08.01.19 Titan: Welcome Pavilion of the Clemenceau Museum

As part of the restoration of the house of Georges Clemenceau in Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard (85), the Nantes agency Titan has designed the new reception pavilion, a space that enhances the historical heritage of the place. Overview.

08.01.19 The Other Factory: Korus Headquarters

"I was seen in the Vercors" ... admire the new Korus headquarters erected by the Other Factory in the small village of Isère, La Murette (38). The company, which will soon celebrate its 30 years of activities, is specialized in the design and development of tertiary, banking and commercial spaces. And if shoemakers are often the worst shod, no question for them to honor this adage!

08.01.19 Garo Boixel: Islet of the Islands

Decidedly, the island of Nantes (44) continues to inspire architects! And the builders Marc Boixel and Nicole Garo are no exception. Driven by the power of the Loire, the Quai de la Fosse or the Titan crane, they imagine the "Îlot des Îles", a building of brutalist influence with a visual identity as strong as its host city.

08.01.19 Atelier Féret & Frechon: La Villette sports complex

Who said that sport should be practiced in a dark and cloistered space? Certainly not the teams of Atelier Féret & Frechon! Set in a two-hectare wooded meadow, the Villette Sports Complex of Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf (76) plays with its environment and allows nature to penetrate within it.

08.01.19 Moatti-Rivière: Mediacampus

Gathering all the actors of the new media in one and the same place: this was the challenge launched to the agency Moatti-Rivière who imagines on the occasion Mediacampus, a set of 6 000 square meters in the heart of the Island of Nantes . And ... Action!

08.01.19 Ramdam Workshop: Rateau

Located in the heart of the Rateau street in La Courneuve (93), the Ramdam workshop offers 6 social housing in a construction that looks simple but hides its share of subtleties.

08.01.19 The AUC: Jean d'Ormesson Residence

With the desire to dust off the image of university residences by adapting to the desires but also the new needs of residents, the AUC book 296 polytechnic housing for the campus of Paris-Saclay including for the first time types of apartment dedicated at the collocation.

08.01.19 FaceB office: Quai de la Moselle room

In Calais, on the Quai de la Moselle, at the junction of three districts, and at the interface of the center and the port, Bureau FaceB delivers a basketball room for the resident team of the city and colleges from around. A building-patella that prefigures the renewal of an entire area. The time of the change of face rang for this neglected part of the agglomeration!

08.01.19 Elizabeth Naud and Luc Poux architects: 37 social housing

Who said that social housing could not be part of a suburban architecture? Certainly not the duo Elizabeth Naud and Luc Poux who is developing a project rue Danton in Gennevilliers (92) modeled on the villas of Paris and reinterpreting the traditional two-sided roof.

08.01.19 Badia Berger Architects: Unexpected Villa

The white terraces do not overhang the Greek coast! The proof in Clichy-la-Garenne (92) where the Unexpected Villa houses tertiary spaces, housing and artists' studios. An unusual program that echoes the diversity of activities - warehouses, garages, small industries etc - specific to the communes of the near suburbs. And the originality does not stop there ....

08.01.19 Armand Nouvet Architecture and Urbanism: 16 social housing and two business premises

At the intersection of Philippe de Girard and Pajol streets in the 18ème arrondissement of Paris, these 16 social housing and two business premises are at the tip of the island. Produced by the Armand Nouvet Architecture and Urbanism agency, this operation replaces two substandard buildings near the ZAC Pajol.

08.01.19 Jourda Architects: Parking Silo

With this parking project located in the ZAC known as the banks of the Bohrie, in the Lower Rhine, Jourda Architects agency shows what wood it heats! And for good reason, unlike its traditional cousins ​​in concrete, the realization gives pride to larch and spruce in order to affect at least its environment.

08.01.19 Pierre Hebbelinck and HBAAT: National Scene Espace des Arts

In association with Hart-Beteloot AAT, the architecture studio Pierre Hebbelinck has carried out the renovation and modernization of the former spaces of the National Scene of the Espace des Arts in Chalon-sur-Saone.

08.01.19 Tectonics: 55 social housing Lyon Mermoz

East Lyon (69) is undergoing a transformation! Among the development of 12 new real estate programs, the ZAC Mermoz Nord, two buildings of 55 housing stand out. Designed by Tectoniques Architectes, the metal-clad ensemble plays on volumes.

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