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08.01.18 SPLAAR: #UNIK

With this mixed building designed by the architects of the agency SPLAAR, the district of the Island of Nantes continues its impressive revival. Here, no question of elephants or mechanical marine monsters: #UNIK welcomes shops, offices and housing.

08.01.18 Moatti-Rivière: 90 housing and offices

Offices and housing are two very different typologies. If the transformation of the former into the latter is already complex at the individual level, sometimes giving rise to sublime lofts, the rehabilitation of an entire building can prove to be a real headache. A challenge brilliantly picked up by the Moatti-Rivière agency.

08.01.18 PPA, scalene architects and AFA: Residence Olympe de Gouges

At the same time, the PPA, scalene architects and AFA agencies have been thinking about how to offer maximum privacy to the users of a 615 CROUS student residence. They thus sign in Toulouse (31) a project easily appropriated by its inhabitants and inspired by the model of the cloister.

08.01.18 Explorations Architecture: The Gardens of Allonville

In the city of the Dukes of Brittany, the agency Explorations Architecture signs a sober and effective realization, bringing together 26 collective housing and six houses. A mini-village where life is good.

08.01.18 Richter architects & associates and aubry lieutier architects: Simone Veil School Group and Colette Besson Gymnasium

Delivering this project, which includes a school group and a gymnasium, the agencies Richter architects & associates and aubry lieutier architects accomplish a tour de force: to make the heart beat of a ZAC that does not exist yet.

08.01.18 Valero Gadan architect: Municipal Health Center

Designed by the agency Valéro Gadan architects, the new Municipal Health Center La Courneuve (93) is now part of notable buildings in the city. Among the reasons for this choice position, a masterful screen printed glass facade.

08.01.18 Ioda architects: EHPAD

With this EHPAD project located in Calais (62), Anthony Bidal and Delphine Defachelles, from the ioda architects agency, demonstrate more than anything the capacity of its designers to anticipate the complex needs of future users. The result is a thoughtful construction, entirely designed to offer residents maximum independence.

08.01.18 Sequences and Fontaine & Malvy: EHPAD

Produced by the Sequences and Fontaine & Malvy agencies, the new Feugarolles EHPAD (47) is not just an architectural project. It is a profession of faith dedicated to listening and paying attention to future users.

08.01.18 Lazo & Mure Architects: EHPAD

Located in Laon (02), this extension project of EHPAD signed by the agency Lazo & Mure Associated Architects is distinguished by a particularly elaborate implementation, intended to restore coherence to the existing, optimizing also the living conditions of residents and staff. An entire program...

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