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08.01.18  Lazo & Mure Architects: EHPAD

Located in Laon (02), this EHPAD extension project signed by the agency Lazo & Mure Architectes associés is distinguished by a particularly carefully designed location, intended to restore consistency to the existing, also optimizing the living conditions of residents and staff. An entire program...

08.01.18  Architectures Marc Ballay: Multidisciplinary health center

Who has never been seized with anxiety, in the waiting room at the doctor's, because of the narrow and oppressive volumes? Aware of this problem, the agency Architectures Marc Ballay delivers to Blaye (33) a House of health soothing and refined. Explanations.

08.01.18  Auer Weber and Christophe Gulizzi Architect: Arena du Pays d'Aix

In Aix-en-Provence (13), the new creation of the Auer Weber and Christophe Gulizzi Architects agencies is changing the landscape. Beautiful and majestic, it hosts the Arena du Pays d'Aix. Practice, to intimidate opposing teams!

08.01.18  AZC: Medico-social center and Bon-Secours mixed residence

Architectural coherence, a pleasant place of care for patients and optimized working conditions for caregivers ... With this project of health center and mixed residence in Paris (14e), it is all that offers the AZC agency.

08.01.18  Brenac & Gonzalez and Associates: Quai Ouest

Not far from the Porte de Saint-Cloud, in Boulogne-Billancourt (92), a building shines brightly thanks to its new glass facade. The result of technical innovation by architects Brenac & Gonzalez et Associés, this is a project that proves that the envelope is not just a matter of appearance ...

08.01.18  ANTONINI DARMON architects and RMDM architects: Extension of CTLES

Building a building with strong identity, in the shadow of another signed by a renowned architect: this was the mission entrusted to the agencies ANTONINI DARMON and RMDM for the extension of the Technical Center for the Book of Higher Education ( CTLES). A total success!

08.01.18  VIB architecture: Neurocampus

Delivered at the end of the year 2016 by the agency VIB architecture, this building hosts research laboratories in neuroscience, offering its users an optimized working environment, including its volume. Explanations.

08.01.18  A + Architecture: Cornil Residence

Dust the image of student residences, a challenge? By the agency A + Architecture, which has just delivered a building of almost 200 rooms all in wood and - icing on the cake! - designed in just 14 months.

08.01.18  Devaux and devaux architects: Maison M

In Meudon (92), a house slice in the landscape by its elegant and subtle forms. A project of great beauty, signed by architects David and Claudia Devaux, whose constraints would not have yet foreshadowed a result so successful.

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