Événement : Coachella

At the Coachella American Music Festival, world-renowned artists on stage and audiences dressed in California fashion week, stand out with massive sculptures and installations celebrating the place of art in pop culture. Overview of this year's favorites.

Spread throughout the festival and campgrounds, colorful and luminous works, borrowing from the world of science fiction for some, welcome and guide each year more 100 000 festival-goers of the Coachella Valley in California. In 2018, place to interstellar travel!

Effervescent and masterful, Etherea, a set of three pavilions of the same shape - that of a cathedral -, ranging from 10,9 to 21,9 meters high, was erected by the young Italian Edoardo Tresoldi. This variation of the same model in three different scales, inspired by neoclassical and baroque codes, offers a clear vision of its composition: a reinforcement covered with a metal mesh. Etherea, plays on transparency to transcend space and time. At once present and absent, imposing without being overwhelming, the work accompanies the place as much as it inhabits it. With its ghostly look, it takes on a new dimension when you walk around. Qualified by Forbes magazine as one of the thirty most influential artists of less than 30 in Europe, Edoardo Tresoldi finds in his creation a poetic way of reconnecting with the landscape.


In addition to this installation, Spectra English studio Newsubstance, more monumental still, rises like a tower Babel 23 meters and seven floors, providing a platform at its summit with a view to 360 degrees on the site. Along the 300 spiral staircases Plexiglas windows that take on the colors of sunrise and sunset offer each step a new vision of the surroundings.

Supernovaa star twelve meters high, whose twelve branches go in all directions, brings festival-goers shade during the day and light at night. R & R Studios, already present at the festival in 2016 with Kiss me Much, invites passersby to interact with the work composed of large letters positioned on a wall of silk flowers. The agency wants to make a landmark, a symbol, which will remain in the memory of those who will approach.

Structures that will at least have the merit of allowing beautiful selfies!

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1) Roberto Conte
2) Rich Fury
3-4) Roberto Conte
5-8) Rich Fury
9-10) R & R Studios