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Decorative plaster effect waxed concrete
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This solution millimeter decorative plaster effect waxed concrete, gives a "material effect" more or less pronounced depending on the used sanding or icing technique. This feature allows it to adapt perfectly to many configurations and the user's wishes. Sober with its satin little shiny and perfect seal, it is the ideal solution for shower enclosures, wet rooms, floors, countertops, pools coating ...

Technical characteristics

Color: set palette of colors 35. color option on demand, according to a RAL or a sample of material.

Applications: On most undamaged surfaces and materials: concrete, concrete, plasterboard, tiles, wood, etc. without primer.

Examples: direct application on a bathroom ceramic (depending substrate conditions), furniture, doors, ...

Configurations: Walls, floors, stairs, furniture, worktops, ... inside and out.



The company Rouviere is a traditional company specializing in manufacturing concrete and microbéton. It offers customized interior and exterior solutions. Building on its expertise in natural stone, product lines (floors, swimming pool coping, nosing, various constructive elements ...) are offered both aged in contemporary concrete imitation stone appearance.

The fabrications are exclusively made in France and can be adapted to each project, either in dimensions, appearance, tint, etc.
Distribution throughout Europe.

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