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Arkit is a heterogeneous flooring based on PVC (LVT family) designed to be usable in all environments, both domestic and professional.

The reasons for this collection of unpublished drawings hand-made from paint, pencil and ballpoint pen. The Arkit models meet the new expectations of interior designers looking for innovative and resistant materials, combining technical performance, art and design.

Arkit offers three first ultra contemporary collections: False States, Decorative and Arty. The collections consist of 20 models available at the same price, only slabs 91,4 × 91,4cm dimensions.

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Technical characteristics

use classification: 34 and 43 classes
Reaction to fire: Bfl-s1
VOC Emissions: A +



The French company ARTEPY has become leader of the special volume distribution and partner BOLON Swedish manufacturer. This vinyl-based material, woven warp and weft son, rot, has grown rapidly in recent years. It is now proposed in 45 country.

After several years of collaboration with Bolon as a distributor, ARTEPY launched her own collection of heterogeneous flooring based on PVC named Arkit.

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