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individual seating available in two heights
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The individual seating, Herbes Folles, designed by designer Franck Magné is available in two heights. Herbes Folles is made of painted steel sheet or stainless steel electro.
This furniture is designed to equip public or semi-public and contemporary architectural programs.
The public sitting traditionally translated bench here becomes a true Swiss army knife for the planner who can compose Herbes Folles totally free way. The uses are many and the configuration in two heights invites users to take ownership of this furniture.

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Technical characteristics

Dimensions: large model H45cm L109cm the 34cm / small model H36 cm L101cm the 34cm.



Industrial SAG France and designer Franck Magné present the new French brand of contemporary street furniture: OBJETS.PUBLICS.

The furniture is becoming urban motionless. Public objects establish a visual dialogue with their environment, reflecting its colors, inspired aesthetic of contemporary architecture. OBJETS.PUBLICS. believes in furniture that evoke their function in a public space saturated with signs.
OBJETS.PUBLICS. presents its collection of movable signs-polished metal sheet built on the principle of affordance.

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