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The LIF basket, designed by Franck Magné, offers a deconstructed architecture that offers as many different profiles of viewing angles. Sculptural, this basket borrows the language of parametric architecture for fluid furniture, almost vegetable. The process optimization allows reliable and customizable furniture at the right price. This furniture is designed to equip public and semi-public and contemporary architectural programs.

The LIF basket is designed lacquered steel sheet in a vast swatch of colors or stainless steel semi-mirror or mirror. It uses the bags collecting 100 liters. Dimensions: H100cm Diam48cm

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Industrial SAG France and designer Franck Magné present the new French brand of contemporary street furniture: OBJETS.PUBLICS.

The furniture is becoming urban motionless. Public objects establish a visual dialogue with their environment, reflecting its colors, inspired aesthetic of contemporary architecture. OBJETS.PUBLICS. believes in furniture that evoke their function in a public space saturated with signs.
OBJETS.PUBLICS. presents its collection of movable signs-polished metal sheet built on the principle of affordance.

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