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Denim Twill, based on the texture of denim, is a reason for Formica Patterns range that reflects the major influences in design of the moment. Patterns of Formica offers a variety of choices, continuous tone and facilitates the matching of colors, for all the reasons are based on shades of the palette Formica Colors. Twill denim is available in Plex finish and is available in 3050 1300 mm x and x 3600 1525 mm.

The laminate Formica® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is composed of an assembly of several layers of paper impregnated at high pressure and temperature to create a coating material hygienic surface, durable and resistant to wear. The Formica Patterns range includes a high-pressure decorative laminates offer available post formable quality (HGP) and also available on request M1 quality.

Inspired by the texture of denim, denim twill decor is based on a multi-colored weave with a subtle and elegant banding. It is highlighted by Plex surface finish that imitates the freshness and tactility twill. The combination of subtle roughness Plex is the perfect texture for Denim Twill, because it gives life to this exclusive pattern and gives it an authentic and timeless touch.

Given the growing demand for denim in the interior design and the current trend for the blue color, Formica Group launches classic denim in his collection of laminates. And to capture the authenticity of fabric and offer an original denim color, a real pair of jeans was used to reproduce as possible in accordance colors and create Denim Twill. The decor and texture have been developed exclusively for and by Formica Group.

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Formica Group is a leading global provider of design solutions in decorative surface for commercial and residential customers. As the largest high pressure laminate manufacturer (HPL), our global network of manufacturing sites, distribution and sales continues to Formica® a global brand.

The heritage and brand reputation of Formica Group companies are based on quality, service and strong and innovative product lines. Formica Group has developed unparalleled expertise that ensures that the products are tailored to market requirements. Working closely with architects, designers and specifiers, the company is ideally placed to offer new products that complement current design trends, and a continuous process of development and creation.

In May 2007, the Formica Group group of companies was acquired by Fletcher Building, one of the largest construction companies in Australia and New Zealand. The acquisition has resulted in the creation of the world's largest manufacturer of surfaces and high pressure decorative laminates.

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