Collection 2015 by Samir Mazer | ATELIERS ZELIJ

zellige tile collection created by Samir Mazer
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Samir Mazer offers a collection in zellige respectful techniques and old-how knowledge while moving away from the traditional rules.
Resolutely contemporary, this new collection surprises with new design and games of original colors.



The zelij Workshops were founded in the late 90 years. They specialize in the manufacture of cement tiles, zellige and various surfaces, exclusively handmade.

Its founder Samir Mazer and its associated Delphine Laporte have a heart to constantly develop new collections adapted to every need of their clients, whether private or professional. Their training Industrial Designer allows them to showcase the excellence and expertise of their partner workshops while ensuring development costs and marketing reasoned.

Today, zelij Workshops have become a benchmark for the zelliges and cement tiles.