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Available colors:
Finishing brushed aluminum or gold leaf + all colors (RAL or NCS)

Available Size:
180x60cm - 420 Watts

Further information :
Available in hydraulic or electric version. Retro LED lighting available on request

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Bleu Provence offers a range of product design, quality "made in Italy" and unique personality. His expertise in the sinks, toilets, bathtubs and accessories open access to the luxury at unbeatable prices.

Bleu Provence is an Italian company based north of Rome which is recognized as one of the leading specialists retro worldwide. Their products have become over the years the symbol of classicism that pleases both and never out of style.

Quality of materials, refinement of style, precision manufacturing are elements ensuring a perfect finish and a satisfaction maximum use. Mixture of classic and modern, Bleu Provence hope their products will know you rekindle memories in beautiful homes of yesteryear.

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