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To meet market demand for green solutions, Wicanders is launching Authentica. A product that will stand out thanks to its authentic advantages. Wicanders Authentica cork flooring is a modern cork flooring with PVC wear, which gives the flooring the same advantages as a traditional cork flooring, and is maintenance free. 

Technical characteristics

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Wicanders® is the premium brand of the company Amorim Revestimentos, which since 1868 product solutions inspired by the values ​​of nature, using advanced technology to provide flooring of high quality, ecological and aesthetic.

world leader in cork coating, Amorim Revestimentos emphasizes sustainability as a starting point for a better future, and bet on researching and creating solutions which, without prejudice to the environment, ensure a better quality of life for all users .

Operating in more than 55 different countries, Amorim Revestimentos is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the search for revolutionary solutions of high quality

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