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The vinyl wall coverings Vescom are particularly robust, hygienic, durable and unalterable indécolorables. Scratch-resistant and shock, they are without connection and are easy to maintain. Providing better protection against the tasks and chemicals, our vinyl wallcoverings are available with Vescom Protect.



Vescom develops, produces and distributes high quality interior products for the international market projects for communities: wall coverings, upholstery and curtains.

Vescom stands for quality. Combining technical, form and service. Different designs and durable materials form the basis of the collections. Vescom's products are applied to the contract market projects. Mainly in the segments of the hotel market, healthcare, offices and the éducation.Ces sector markets have a growing demand for beautiful interior products, luxurious and charming; product functionality is of vital importance.

Vescom's products fit this concern. Technically, the collections of wall coverings, upholstery and curtains meet the high standards of quality that the community projects linked to the market imposes. Particularly in regard to fire protection, the scope, the fastness, durability and abrasion resistance.

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