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Slats on paper non-woven backing
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Decorative Japanese rope created from paper strips or "Koyori" was the inspiration for this new collection Wall Omexco signed. The paper strips are slightly twisted and then bonded in chains or pressed against each other in semi plain or in two-tone stripes.

For some references, the paper strips are surrounded by small loops, as if they were bracketed. Matte Paper is accented here and there with a delicate pearly reflection which gives a sophisticated look to the siding, while remaining natural.

Koyori brings a zen touch to your interior decoration. bright colors of such as magenta, cerise, turquoise, red coral ... alternate with softer shades of celadon green, plum, ivory, gray, golden straw.

Technical characteristics

All references are supplied by the meter (91cm width) and achieved a ranking in the European B S1 D0 fire. An ecological certificate is available. The wall can be installed vertically or horizontally - the joints are invisible. Thanks to the non-woven backing, the installation is easy (glue on the wall without humidification of the non-woven backing).



Creativity, quality, service ... This is the motto of the company since its inception Omexco Bob Rans in 1976. Soon, Omexco itself as the world leader in wall decor. Omexco collaborates regularly with external designers such as Italian architect Simone Micheli and the fashion house Maison Martin Margiela.

Omexco is one of the last European publishers who could keep production in its own plants. With this, a strict quality control can be performed, from raw material to finished product, and impeccable quality is guaranteed. A quick and efficient cutting service allows ship most orders within 48 hours to more than 80 countries worldwide. Both in the choice of raw materials, at the level of production, Omexco strives to respect the environment by printing on solar energy, limiting and recycling waste and focusing on raw materials containing fibers recycled and natural. So he got the FSC certificate.

The Omexco wallcoverings are selected for the most prestigious hotels, exclusive residential projects, cruise ships and luxury boutiques.

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