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A new dimension for Milliken with the collection Colour Compositions
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Milliken present Color Compositions, its first collection "plate" format: a rectangular carpet tile 25 100 x cm. Inspired by the typical large color bands expressionist-abstract style "Color-field," the new shape and design of the tiles make possible an exploration of colors more bold. It also enables the testing of scale, rhythm and patterns.

colorful hues, brightness and saturation variable, Color Compositions invites the imagination to compose a visual story through the placement and layout of the tiles. A new digital visualization tool developed by Milliken makes this process even easier for the designer to experiment many possibilities.

Create a large-scale pattern is possible through the strategic placement of tiles for a subtle architectural effect, or more dominant. The combinations of nonlinear colors offer an organic aesthetic, recalling a natural grain. The wide range of colors and naturally degraded patterns are made possible thanks to the patented digital printing technology, Millitron®.
The gradation of colors facilitates the transition slabs, allowing the creation of patterns and inspirational guidance.

The collection Color Compositions comes in two parts:

  • Volume I: 48 sets, divided into 16 3 types of families associated tiles.
  • Volume II: 27 3 decors divided into families of hues.

Within each family, it is possible to mix colors, saturation and tone.
The designs range from bold Abstraction - Allover at more subtle 'Soft Clay - Ash Glaze.

Technical characteristics

Compositions color is produced by wire high performance 100% regenerated nylon.
Offering the same strength and the same longevity as a virgin polymer, ECONYL® fiber consists of 50% pre-consumer product and 50% post-consumer product, reducing the consumption of natural resources and waste .

Slabs Color Compositions comprise a back (bottom) foam constituted 90% recycled material. By offering comfort underfoot, better acoustics and a better hold of its appearance, this system extends the life of the carpet until 50%. To further reduce environmental impact, slabs Color Compositions can be supplied with the patented Milliken TractionBack®. This type of innovative file allows installation without glue soil, thus improving the quality of indoor air, the speed of installation, while reducing material wear.

Color compositions is manufactured in Wigan, UK, in a factory certified by several organizations and standards:

  •  ISO14001
  • EPD certified
  • Green Label Plus CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute)
  • Label GOOD.
  • Conforms to LEED® certified with the system TractionBack®

The "Carpet Take Back" program introduced by Milliken used to return the used tiles. They are thus recycled and become a source of energy for different industries. Of the total weight of the product, the tiles include 26% recycled materials.

Color compositions is part of the fast sending program under 10 days. : Up 'to 1000 m2 by colors, ready for dispatch in 10 days from the order.

Color Compositions won the MIAW 2017 in the Materials / Carpet category.



Milliken is an American company specializing in the design and manufacture of professional flooring. Thanks to the many patents filed each year, Milliken discovers and creates ways to improve daily life in transport, building, health, architecture ... Today, the company has more than 7 000 employees distributed on 41 production units in the United States, Australia, India, China, the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. The Milliken design team is inspired by the latest trends in color and design to create new standards in style and originality. The company's European headquarters are in the north of England, in Wigan. All collections are presented in the new Parisian showroom located 40 rue des Mathurins in the 8ème arrondissement.

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