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The TEMPOMATIC 4, a built-in urinal, is equipped with an innovative sealing system, patented by DELABIE. The new DELABIE electronic urinal faucet offers the best compromise between water consumption and rinse efficiency.

This new concept combines design and functionality: the electronics are directly integrated into the plate.

Thanks to its optimized flow and timing parameters, the TEMPOMATIC 4 flush offers the right flush volume and therefore the best compromise between water consumption and efficiency.

The hunting of the TEMPOMATIC 4 is automatically triggered at the start of each user. The absence of manual contact prevents the transmission of germs by the hands.

Technical characteristics

The TEMPOMATIC 4 timeless design plate is available in gloss, satin, white or black finish.

To facilitate maintenance operations, the sensitive elements (solenoid valve, filter and shut-off valve) can be accessed from the front without removing the housing.

The possibilities of installation of the housing are multiple: fixing by the sides on Placoplatre® rails, by the front on solid wall or by the back on panel. The length of the cut-out box is suitable for siding up to 120 mm: thick facing (in bricks and blocks) for communities highly exposed to vandalism. The TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed urinal is connected from the outside of the housing.

TEMPOMATIC 4 is guaranteed 10 years.



DELABIE is a French family-owned company founded in 1928, which has quickly become one of the world's leading standards in faucets and sanitary equipment for public establishments. A market covered by the five ranges of the brand: taps for local authorities, taps for hospitals, accessibility and hygiene accessories, stainless steel sanitaryware and specific taps.

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