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Milliken presents Arctic Survey, his second collection in "plank" format, inspired by the movement, structure and evolutionary shapes of Arctic ice.

The result is a collection that accentuates depth and texture to create an extremely dimensional product, with a cut and tactile surface. Three variable size patterns and movements were produced by a textured construction of looped tufted fibers dyed in solution. Produced in a "board" format (rectangular slabs of 25 x 100 cm) the collection brings to the floor a new visual and elegant dimension.

The Arctic Survey collection consists of three models:

Isotherm, Expedition and Shackleton.

→ The vertical lines of the Isotherm design, like the lines of a weather map, connect the temperature points in a subtle pattern with subtle color contrasts.

→ With Expedition, the latitudinal / longitudinal decor is more present via an imposing cross hatch.

→ Shackleton is the most literal interpretation of ice: it represents how matter cracks and forms in layers, revealing translucent colors while other areas are opaque. This large-scale pattern offers the greatest contrast potential among the models in the collection.

Technical characteristics

The range of colors reflects the Arctic landscape: ethereal neutrals punctuated with brilliant tones, for a "tone-on-tone" effect that highlights the texture.


Arctic Survey is manufactured in Wigan, UK, in a plant certified by several organizations and standards:

• ISO14001

• Certified EPD

• Green Label Plus of the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)

• GUT label.



Milliken is an American company specializing in the design and manufacture of professional flooring. Thanks to the many patents filed each year, Milliken discovers and creates ways to improve daily life in transport, building, health, architecture ... Today, the company has more than 7 000 employees distributed on 41 production units in the United States, Australia, India, China, the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. The Milliken design team is inspired by the latest trends in color and design to create new standards in style and originality. The company's European headquarters are in the north of England, in Wigan. All collections are presented in the new Parisian showroom located 40 rue des Mathurins in the 8ème arrondissement.

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