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Julep is influenced by the avant-garde movement of the 1950 years, taking advantage of its simplicity and grandeur, refined by a contemporary, romantic and feminine look.

The star of the series is the sofa, whose generous rounded lines provided the evolutionary DNA of the entire collection - including an armchair, lounge chair and ottoman - in a game of proportions and shapes, which gave birth to all other versions.

Fully upholstered, the seats seem full and full, while providing a feeling of lightness, thanks to the recessed base that raises them invisibly from the ground.



Tacchini is today a point of reference in the furniture industry, thanks to its constant stylistic and functional research.

With his furniture, Tacchini wants to improve the house, the quality of spaces in a world dominated by constant evolution.
That's why Tacchini always analyzes and improves its products and services with passion, creativity and responsibility.

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