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conference table system designed by architect Hadi Teherani
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Featuring an elegant base in central U giving it the appearance of a floating sculpture in the middle of the room, the conference table 8000 S designed by architect Hadi Teherani combines high functionality and perfect quality in a lightweight visual. The connection is completely integrated into the supporting structure: wiring disappear into the base to power connector modules mounted in the central cradle according to the specific needs of users. This table is suitable for all types of modern technologies for video conferences. The table is designed by the research department and custom made in the Thonet factory in Frankenberg / Eder in Germany. It can be bolted to the floor or mounted on stabilization plates.

The finishes available trays: beech, walnut, oak and mineral material

Frame and central cradle: Brushed steel or lacquered

Options: cool space for beverages



Designer and manufacturer of design furniture

A beautiful story that has no equal and share a new technique at the time, the bending of solid wood. This technique, perfected by Michael Thonet in 1850 years, lay the groundwork for the industrial mass production and will be accompanied by a sober design affordable. A revolution in interior design, as suddenly apartments, cafes and restaurants change their appearance and come in a less wasteful and supplied style.

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