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A bathroom timeless, discreet, compatible with many stylesand habitat management: form is synonymous with enduring quality - patented et design. Its tribute to style Bauhaus, the focus on le "less is more" creed Architect Bauhaus Man from of the Rohe.

originality the range of bathroom is characterized by contours rubenesque, Reflected in les washbasins, shower trays, WC et bidet. 

Combine them with un with furniture rail chromium for a look particularly impressive. forms fits perfectly in case de two series of furniture for form and the housing and for form.

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The company Keramik Holding AG Laufen, whose name comes from its settlement locality, was created on July 4 1892 in the town of Laufen in Switzerland (Basel-Landschaft) as a brickyard. The town of Laufen was chosen as the site of implantation of the brickworks, as it has a hydroelectric plant, a natural clay deposit and a railway junction and has a craft tradition in handling of raw materials. Since 1925, Keramik Laufen AG produces ceramics for the Swiss healthcare market as first Swiss company ceramics.

Since 2006 LAUFEN continues its expansion with the construction of an ultra-modern logistics center and a high-bay warehouse as well as the installation of the most modern production facilities in various factories in Europe. Since 2006, Keramik Laufen AG is also entitled to wear the label of the Energy Agency for the economy. This label, which only grants each time for two years, proves that the labeled company is active in the field of environmental protection.

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