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Lifeline is an innovative range of environmentally responsible and resilient flooring.

Composed of 65% of mineral raw materials, the Lifeline range contains no PVC, no phthalates and no polyurethane. The coating shows exceptional performance (excellent resistance to abrasion, VOC emission rates extremely low ...) and meets the most stringent European standards environment.

Its features make it an ideal coating for buildings open to the public. Slabs (Lifeline Tiles), rolls (Lifeline CS) or blades (LT Lifeline) Lifeline range is available in a wide selection of colors and designs.

Meets targets of the HQE
Many environmental labels: DER ENGEL BLAUE, LEED, ECO-QUOTE, FloorScore ...
ISO ISO 9001 14001

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Upofloor is a Finnish manufacturer of flooring from 1955. major market player, it develops ecological and innovative coatings with an implied R & D policy. Thus qu'Upofloor was able to launch in 2004 "Lifeline" an innovative range of PVC flooring designed for public buildings.

The marketing of Upofloor products in France is provided by Createc.

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