Table basse Infini | COCOSTEEL

A steel table to organic and pure curves
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The coffee table Infinity is a room with sleek, fluid lines, tails, force and weight of crude steel in all its imperfection, its roughness and smoothness appearance worked hand front side, the purity of the color developed tailored. 

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Technical characteristics

Material: Steel.
Dimensions: L x W 120 50 35 cm H

crude steel polished outer face
Inner face RAL color.



Founded in April 2014, CocoSteel is a brand of furniture and design objects that reflects the youth of its founder, Matthew Colinet. Because the dynamism of the company lies primarily in innovation and inventiveness of this technician of the matter knows that steel on the fingertips. A master of the material and the manufacturing process, and the workers have to work on the creations of the brand, which allows complete freedom to CocoSteel to offer innovative and efficient products. When the industry is invited in your home ...

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