Robin Wood RW4 | WA.DE.BE.

A small office that streamlines space
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Reflecting on the management of space in the apartment input, WA.DE.BE. also designs the entry as a real space conducive to work. Space often away from the noise and the life of the house, suitable for read emails, answer emails, entry may be as well with a small work space.
Thus WA.DE.BE. has specially created a small office answering this function, elegant, clean design including the work plan folds to save space and is hidden in the manner of a secretary.
If closed, RW4 only 17 cm deep, open it becomes a real office with a volume with integrated storage: 3 shelves, net to drag a laptop, a box hosting mail and important papers through slot located on its upper part. 

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Technical characteristics

Dimensions: cm 110 - 51 cm H - P 17 cm
Available in solid oak



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