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The Kitchen eUnit system is the first electronic solution designed by Dornbracht for the kitchen thanks to its various functions, eUnit Kitchen aims to simplify everyday work processes in the kitchen. In addition to the controls that allow precise control of temperature and flow, the sensor placed on the feet replaces the free hand "missing" and allows the water circulation without the slightest gesture.

Added to this the function of the electronic flush command and that of the determination of water content which allows an accurate flow rate of the quantities of water in increments of 1 and 0,1 liter. Its compact shape allows eUnit Kitchen to be mounted under the sink, faithful to the principle of "Plug and Play" without requiring much space.

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Dornbracht - this name symbolizes since 1950 the manufacture of fittings and accessories of high quality design for the bathroom. Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, a medium-sized, third-generation family-run company, has made a major contribution to the equipment, architecture and functioning of the bathroom and kitchen with its Rewarded products. Beyond the sector, the international company headquartered in Iserlohn is considered highly innovative because it responds flexibly to change and progress and quickly applies promising concepts throughout the value chain. It thus consolidates the site and regularly reinforces its clear adherence to the "Made in Germany". With its long-term commitment, Dornbracht has also established itself as an important player in the European cultural scene.

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