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The valve manufacturer Axor and designer Philippe Starck come back with a new collaboration, Starck V. This new piece offers users a new approach to water, alive and swirling in a glass of tap.

After several years of research, engineers Axor is able to develop a system that creates a soothing and playful vortex. Reached on the design of the beak, the designer Philippe Starck was inspired by Organic, his last for Axor, to sublimate the whirlpool and fit the water lines. The use of glass is a technical feat that sublime element, making the first staged and visible in this type of product. When actuated, the valve created a vortex in the beak offering to the rare and fascinating natural phenomenon, while pouring a quantity of 4 liters of water per minute.

After use, the water in the glass piece stops and regains its tranquility. This data makes the Starck V tap more suitable for use in a private sphere in particular for health issues.

This new collaboration between Philippe Starck and Axor offers the user a new approach to water, revealing freed from any technical considerations, and regaining its essential characteristics, alive, free and fascinating.



For over 100 years, Hansgrohe Axor brand and allowed the Hansgrohe SE society to assert itself as a major player globally in the health field.

Rewarded with numerous awards, Hansgrohe products are synonymous with innovative design, sustainable technologies and functional quality of high level.

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