The Italian company specializing in contemporary furniture presents its latest addition: the Giravolta lamp. Inspired by the lanterns of yesteryear, this range of lighting comes in all types of formats and pop colors. What to illuminate your interior - and exterior - in the blink of an eye!

Armchairs in which we have only one desire: to curl up! Designed by the German designer Norbert Geelen for the German furniture company Kusch + Co, Lupino is a range of seats that calls for relaxation. Available in a wide range of colors, it is largely inspired by the furniture of the 1970 years and fits brilliantly with a contemporary interior.

Introduced in 2015, the QuickStand sit-stand solution developed by the American company Humanscale now has little brothers. If QuickStand Lite pointed the tip of its nose in 2016, it is now QuickStand Eco to make its appearance. Ergonomically and ecologically, this workstation allows you to alternate your posture in the office, thus limiting health concerns while improving productivity.

Change the look of a commercial space without having to change furniture? This is now possible with the modular Eelo bench designed by the Manufacture du Design and designer Adrian Blanc. Designed as a construction game, the brand's latest addition adapts to all needs, for example by adding a second seat, a tablet or a lamp.

Imagine the calm of the great Scandinavian snowy plains in your open space. A utopia made possible by the collection of acoustic partitions LimbusBarn & Fences signed by the company Glimakra of Sweden. Or when clean Nordic design meets tranquility and comfort.

Who says home sweet home, said home in which one feels safe. A concept at the heart of the work of the Italian company Di.Bi, which combines contemporary design and reliability with Di.Big, a swivel armored entrance door suitable for large openings. What invite your guests to penetrate with elegance in your sanctuary.

Publisher, distributor and installer of games, sports equipment, floors and street furniture, Pro Urba is a global designer of personalized spaces. For the 2018 edition of Materials & Light, the furniture manufacturer City Design is in the spotlight

The Cosentino group is a key player in the interior design sector thanks to Silestone and Dekton. Composed of 94% natural quartz, Silestone is a perfect surface for kitchen and bathroom worktops and for flooring and wallcovering. Dekton is a sophisticated and innovative blend of glass, porcelain and quartz that opens up many possibilities for architects and designers.
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