The manufacturer Casalgrande created Bios Ceramics, a new generation of ceramic products for architecture that is distinguished by its particular characteristics involved in the reduction of pollution: it is self-cleaning and able to limit the proliferation of the main bacterial strains .

Schneider Electric presents its range of switches and jacks Odace. A successful marriage between the circle and the square, between modernity and classicism. Its amazing lines and numerous customization possibilities offered Odace make a unique product in the field of electrical equipment.

Specialist hoods, Roblin has created two innovative and aesthetic systems for cooking. Heaven Glass is a minimalist recessed hood, and Skylift, mobile hood in steel and glass, retractable and adjustable.

Venti is a cauldron of Componendo up in stainless steel. It develops curves and elegant lines that highlight the work of stainless steel (laser cutting, bending, welding and finishing).

As part of the MIAW 2014 (Muuuz International Awards), we invite you to find every day the most emblematic and innovative architectural and design products launched over the past two years. Discover our selection of bathtubs today.

Created by the manufacturer Toto, the Washlet NEOREST of the collection is the first fully self-cleaning Washlet. It not only prevents bacteria, dirt and chalk deposits, but it also actively combat, which makes it particularly innovative and useful.

The Italian manufacturer Ceramica Cielo reveals "Terre di Cielo", a new project based on the color and tactile perceptions applied to the ceramic art for the bathroom. This is not a new collection itself, but a new range of colors and finishes, adaptable to all ceramic products offered by Cielo.

The Swiss design studio Egoist Ammonitum presents the collection, a collection of comic bathroom furniture specifically for men. The Egoist collection is distinguished by its smooth and aerodynamic shapes, without sharp edges and reflecting light with shiny surfaces.

Flap is an acoustic panel system designed by the designers Alberto Meda and Francesco for specialized Caimi Brevetti manufacturer. These sound-absorbing panels and patented technology SNOWSOUND® develop simple and graphic lines.
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