"Niko Mysterious" is a range of recessed electrical appliances that integrate discreetly within the walls or partitions. Once installed in a masonry wall, plasterboard or MDF, the unit is marked by a discreet circular ring and can receive many finishes (paint,

The Italian manufacturer offers Ottone MELODA "quarantacinque" bathroom faucet line with clean, orthogonal lines. Composed of a chrome tube and a single command, inclined at 45 °, the valve "quarantacinque" is available including basin mixer, mixer for bidet, recessed mixer shower, bath mixer and nozzle wall.

Proposed by the Italian manufacturer sanitary Rapsel, "She" is a bathroom cabinet that includes a sink, a plan and storage in a single module corian and wood. Compact and contemporary.

The valve manufacturer in New York Watermark Designs offers the "Brooklyn BK1", an industrial-style tap commands shaped gate valve. Made of brass, it is available in 35 finishes, including a patina finish.

Offered by kitchen manufacturer Italian Key, the kitchen island "Y45" is surprisingly complex and asymmetric geometry. Incorporating a sink, a work plan and a cooktop, it also conceals plenty of storage under

For the Belgian publisher TossB, the designer Alain Monnens sign on the wall bracket "25 °". Truncated cube that seems to arise from the wall, it broadcasts two light beams asymmetric and can be fixed in any position to create a

Proposed by Diesel and Foscarini lamp "Perf" is inspired by North African tradition holes lamps. Adjustable and finely punctured, its metal body shaped beak dims the lights while guiding it. Available as a wall, in a table lamp or floor lamp, "Perf" is

The editor of Italian furniture Florida presents "Zip Bed", a sculptural bed with a zipper that opens and closes to reveal the bed, sheets and pillows. Upon awakening, the bed is made in a snap, simply by closing the zipper.

The Italian manufacturer of sanitary Hatria this G-Full, a single element that incorporates ceramic toilet and bidet. A place in a bathroom, it closes when not in use to transform bench or down counter with its hinged wood panel.

Can be used indoors or outdoors, the "Leaf Hammock" is a contemporary hammock made of a composite frame and a thin braided ropes. Signed by designers Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa, it is proposed by the Turkish publisher and available GAEAforms
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