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10.04.09  A small beach house

Set on a beach, this 36 m² mini cottage is the work of London design agency Studiomama. A maximum of functions and uses in a minimum of space.

07.04.09  Mini mobile home

Between caravan and folding house, this mini house opens up to offer a living space unlike any other. A project imagined by designers Stéphanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, François Gustin and David Dethoor.

01.04.09  Auto, motorcycle, dodo

Despite changing attitudes, the car and the bike are still central objects of our urban lives. To finish with parking problems, scratches or malicious theft, some even drag them into the heart of their apartments.

09.04.09  New First Class for Swiss

The new "First Class" cabin of the Airbus A330-300 of the Swiss airline company will be inaugurated in a few days. A luxurious and innovative space that we owe to the Priestman Goode design studio.

03.04.09  A Lego contest for architects

As part of the Scottish Design Awards 2009, five architectural firms were invited to reflect on contemporary housing in a light and quirky way. Fruits of their labor, five conceptual models in Lego bricks.

31.03.09  "Reach" by Joachim Jirou-Najou

Imagined by this young Parisian designer, "Scope" is a series of furniture for wall mounting. A reflection that questions the relationship between architecture and design.

08.04.09  Humlegården apartment by TVH

Renovated by Swedish architects Tham and Videgard Hansson, this Stockholm apartment features a surprising multicolored parquet floor. A work full of nuances that transforms the plan and the initial space.

02.04.09  Living according to the staircase Krijn de Koning

In the heart of an abbey, the Dutch artist invests the space of the staircase to erect an unexpected architecture. An installation produced on the occasion of the "Tour and detour" exhibition organized by the Parc Saint Léger, Contemporary Art Center of Pougues-Les-Eaux.

30.03.09  A hotel for rock stars

Designed to meet the extravagant demands of the rock stars of passage, the Sanctum Soho Hotel is preparing to open its doors in London. Guided tour.

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