In Saint-Miter-les-Remparts (13), the Marseille architecture studio Fade Boulade built a building for offices and laboratories for the company ES QUALITE. Installed on a difficult site and bordered by a pine forest, this uncluttered ensemble is characterized by its white facades, its apparent lightness and its contemporary architectural style.

For this ambitious tertiary project, the architects of the Atelier d'Architecture Fade Boulade rely on a functional layout, a coherent architectural treatment, a beautiful light and a sobriety of the materials.

The administrative offices are located on the facade, while the spaces dedicated to process are installed on the south facade. This L-shaped spatial organization thus surrounds the laboratory area. At the corner of these two spaces is a reception area served by an access ramp and an external staircase. In the center of the building, the social and technical premises are easily accessible and usable. The machines, for their part, are located on the roof terrace and are protected from view by the construction of raised acrobats and the installation of a screen. With sobriety and practicality as common threads, the architects have created workspaces as beautiful as they are functional.

The architectural treatment of the offices is distinguished by the use of colors and volumetries deliberately dissociated. Unlike the laboratory area, the offices and meeting spaces have deep loggias, which create light effects on the facades and protect against solar gain in summer. These “hollow” facades thus contrast with the uncluttered rectangular volume of the laboratory, considered both as a real working tool and the nerve center of the project.

Beyond offering ES QUALITE teams a working environment adapted to their activities, the building, signed by Fade Boulade, reveals the talent and demanding approach of this young agency.

To learn more, visit the Fade Boulade Architecture Workshop website.

Visuals: © Atelier d'architecture Fade Boulade


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